The Man with the Yellow Skin – 6, TURNED TO STONE

The velocity of the vehicle was strong as it dove off the bridge, directly for the sea. Crashing against the sea surface. Plunge… slowly the vehicle continued to dove deeper into the heart of the dark sea, until it was visible in the fluorescent no more. The head lights still beaming all the way down. The florescence was infinite.

Dorian was afloat within the water, with his breath held. He mind was blank without any thoughts, he let the calm sensation of the water soothe his emotions.

“Losing her weren’t change the equation.” Can whispered, a voice that patiently concealed both intimidation and frustration.

“Dorian… You’re too late to change any of it.”

Dorian continued to ignore what Can’s words had to project, like he were meditating. His eyes continued to beam potently with yellow smoke, like a flare signal. Soon, he began to turn to stone, the whole of him. Not once could he feel this change, as his body converted to such form. He was stoned, literally.

“Addictions quite a killer.” Can was cunning.


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