The Man with the Yellow Skin – 7, JARRED EYES, FADING ADDICTION

Dorian thought of her. Again, and again. The only part of his body that hadn’t turned to stone were his eyes. The strange-looking eyes darted everywhere slowly. The glowing smoke emitted before was absent.

He hadn’t sank, but remained afloat even as he turned to stone, and still visible in the fluorescent. Just when Can, the delusional being, pot-smoker felt the urge of addiction had almost defeated Dorian, there came a whisper. It’s intimidating eyes were a bulge. Dorian heard it too. Darting his eyes everywhere as tears rushed and blended with the sea water, until it was undistinguishable. His heart felt an instant jolt of hope. His sight grew blurry, but the fireflies were shimmering far more potently than before. She called out to him.

“Open your eyes… And wake up…”

“Dorian, it’ll take the last breath out of you…”

Can began to project in front of Dorian, when it was about to divert him away from the whispers. But, Dorian had instantly blocked his mind, caused Can’s body to dissolve. Fade away like smoke. The urge of addiction was in fact dying now. Can’s frighteningly jarred eyes began to dissolve away.

Through the fade, he saw her project slowly.


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