The Man with the Yellow Skin – 8, ONYA, SOLACE, & REDEMPTION

Dorian’s eyes were still blurry, but he continued to blink forcefully until he could see her clearly. And there she was, afloat in front of him. Shimmering.

He tried to spoke, but his lips were concrete stone.

She draw closer towards him, and with a soft touch of her palm over his cheek, the same shimmer began to project from Dorian too. Transferring supernatural energy. He began to un-stone.

It was like purging him clean from the depths of his addiction. The stone began to burn away to particles, like it were an outer skin within which Dorian had been cocooned inside. Along with the yellow spray painted that covered his skin, it turned the water around him yellow. It continued to purge him until Dorian was back to being himself.

His brows almost squashed together in dishearten as he slowly moved his hand towards Onya, but watched as she faded away with a smile.

When he was completely free from this power, he blew out from his mouth bubbles of yellow smoke like it were a supernatural infection that had engulfed him from within since her death. Now cleansing his inner self from the addiction.

He swam out for oxygen. The whole of yellow-ness was gone, even the red spray on his face had washed away too.

Dorian let his body float to the top, laying on his back. Eyes closed. He thought of her, when a smile finally declared his redemption. Onya had saved him. He thought of her words and let his body seal along with the tides, when she played her guitar, the sounds of which he could reminisce and hum. When she sang, she sounded so much like Agnes Obel, especially when she sang DORIAN.

We’re like ATOMS / tethered to form a DNA strand
And here we were / sharing minds sequences
We were hallucinogenic


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