I’ve Been Writing…


Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve written anything on here, hasn’t it?! My apologies. I don’t suppose saying that I’ve been busy writing elsewhere will provide a sufficient excuse at this point…but it’s all I’ve got. I’ve been writing.

What have I been writing? I’m glad you asked!

Back while I was writing DRIVE I had this idea creep in on me about a modern day pirate princess. I was super excited by the idea…much like another idea I had about a woman who works with an underground rescue group helping women and children escape domestic abuse, but I digress because SALTY won out… for now…Téa’s story will follow shortly. So, I’ve taken on the fun and exciting task of writing about pirate life…which has been interesting to say the least since I know squat about boats, but I’m learning (thank you Google!!)

And because I like to…

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