An Awakening — a Suspenseful, Intense Short Screenplay

From a #dear friend/mentor and a bestseller author #DionneLister. #Screenplay. 😊👍

Dionne Lister - Author

I sent my first short screenplay off to a competition, but alas, I didn’t even make the top 10%. After crying into my glass of water, okay, I didn’t really cry, but I might have whined a bit and said f*** a few dozen times, I decided I would share it with the world anyway, because all writers really want, (other than bestsellerdom) is for people to read their work and enjoy it.

Unfortunately I can’t share this screenplay on the big screen, but here it is on a little one. You’ll have to read it rather than watch it, but you can’t have everything ;).

An Awakening was adapted from a short story in Dark Spaces. It is the story of a woman faced with a life-and-death decision, but she hesitates. If your partner was about to die, would you save them, or would you rather go on alone?

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