Something from a major #WIP. #SAM.

“아이폰의 롤링 샘”입니다.” Cecilia called out.
– The iPhone’s rolling Sam.

Sam stood at the bottom of the stairs, when a helical spring of a toy, “Slinky” came travelling down the steps.

Pause, why the video capture? Sam had this idea, it was a trick with the stretchy, bouncy Slinky, and Cecilia capturing it on her iPhone. Using Vine, a micro video-sharing app of about six seconds or more recording, owned by Twitter.

Evidently, everyone knows that the Slinky can travel down the steps, bouncing its way down in a periodical motion like it were somersaulting from one step to the next. But Sam had something new to demonstrate here. So, here the Slinky was travelling down the steps towards Sam, and when it reached halfway, Sam’s head began to shrink.

Like compress, reduce to a small deflating balloon. Like Beetlejuice’s head shrunk after angering a dead witch doctor.

But once the Slinky travelled through Sam’s head and over its neck, Sam de-shrunk back. With the Slinky now around its neck like brass coil rings worn by Northern Thailand Kayan women-termed as “long necks” or the “giraffe women”.

It lasted for a quick few seconds, but it was excitingly creative Cecilia thought. Even if she uploaded-which she was, and scored a several viral hits, she was going to term the video as CGI render. That way, Sam’s existence was intact, for now. It made sense, considering she was a graphics, game designer.

This was also the first time Sam was introduced to the springs to fame, Slinky. Sam’s memory storage bounced the thought of Jim Varney’s Slinky Dog of Toy Story.


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