We spoil thousands truth by one lie


We spoil thousands truth by one lie
“Don’t Lie, Tell the Truth, or no one will believe you when you do actually tell the truth.” We often tell our children not to lie although they often see parents lie,while they are told by them to speak truth at any cost. Many would agree that Lying has to be one of the most destructive and deliberate forms of manipulation there is. It destroys trust. It destroys friendships, families and relationships. It destroys credibility.
Lies break trust, and don’t think that just because you only tell part of the truth that this means you are not lying. Telling someone what they want to hear – or what you want them to hear, however founded in the truth, if it is not the complete truth, it is still a lie.
I have a friend I speak to about the philosophical things in life…a…

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#RYG – Conclusion 3

#G R E E N :plant host

It took hours, until she was completely bloated, her physical body had metamorphosed. Her brain had been infected. Her infected body was a fungus carrying sac of parasite with ominous stems waiting to release spores. Her face had been disfigured beyond recognition, that resembling of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. Her hand or what of it, held the receiver and continued to slam it gently against her morphed head. She’d been engulfed by Cordyceps Brain Infection.

Flittering eyes grew alert as her head sharply turned towards the sound of an opening door. Burst through was explosive fire, from a flamethrower. Exterminating her until she was torched and turned to burnt black ash, decomposed.

Until there were no infectious spores left.

#RYG – Conclusion 2

#Y E L L O W :biohazard suit

That’s when it took him by surprise, potent burst of unknown gas particles burst forth, spraying his face. His face drenched like it was wet from tears. His throat was a protrusion of lump, swelling and blocking his airways. He grabbed at his throat, with both hands. Coughing and wheezing. He was gulping. His heart was an explosion waiting to happen.

His right hand dropped onto his thigh as he fell into a crouch. Face reduced to a wince, eyes blinded with this burning gas. His nose blocked, he felt no oxygen channel through his nostrils. He tried to plead for help, but his throat was swollen. Soon he collapsed to the floor. Dead.

The yellow telephone began flashing again.

#RYG – Conclusion 1

#R E D :mutilated girl

Just as she began crying, the room was suddenly pouring down, raining with transparent liquid. She lifted her head, like she were dazed and tired. She allowed herself to be washed away.

Then her skin began burning, from this corrosive sulfuric substance. It tore through her skin, inflicting piercing skin tissue damage, and then dissolving her bones. Not once could a scream escape her throat, only her body writhing in agony. Until she turned to black ash. And then completely dissolved, until her corpse was no more.

It was acid.

#RYG – Pt.5


He quickly moved towards the suit, began to suit-up like an astronaut. Before he covered his head and face completely, he saw the telephone flash again. He took a deep breath. Sighed quietly. There was a shiver after an exhale. Now, there had to be two reasons for this. Either, it was to warn him, even if he couldn’t hear a voice or sound, or this was the last warning to suit-up for the predictable but unknown.

He forced his head into the mask of the suit, his face visible through the dome-visor glass. He begun to take deep, long breaths. To eliminate any concerns and fears of any contaminated oxygen. All good, no signs of any hazard, contamination. He didn’t suffocate and die.

He waited. Eyes darted everywhere for ducts, from which any chemical would be introduced. He couldn’t spot any traces, it seemed. #Yellow, 05.4.

The green telephone began flashing again, she’d noticed it, but physical control had begun to diminish. She stared at the telephone, when a white stem began to spout out, a growing seed in the centre with black dots edging around it like tiny needles. Before she collapsed, from exhaustion. #Green, 03.5.

#RYG – Pt.4


She felt a sensation release inside her head, around the brain area, like a gentle air bubble was pushed out. It made her lightheaded. But the next few seconds, something begun to sprout from within. And there was pain, like a pulsating wound exposed to air.

Her face grew to a wrinkling wince, her hands now covering over head. It was far, far worse or excruciating than a headache or even a migraine. Lifting her head back, her eyes begun to flitter, back and forth, rapidly like crazy. Insane. She had no control over the flittering, it was scary. #Green, 03.3.

She tore its cord and aggressively threw the telephone onto the wall. It bounced against it, before dropping to the floor. Broken to pieces.

Suddenly she felt a tingling sensation on her tongue. Rolling it sideways, she felt subtle pressure. Something seemed different. Far more disturbing than the expression, unusual. She opened her mouth and touched her tongue with her fingertips. It was gone. Removed. Like it were torn out.

A strong surge of tears rose to a brim, she inhaled and exhaled quickly. The churning feeling in her stomach sank. Hopelessness clouded over her. Why would someone have done this to her? Who? #Red, 01.5.

Blink! It stopped. The flittering of her eyes, but they’re more concentrated in colour. Much more darker. Seemed like veins crawling in and out within them. This wasn’t possession. No ghost-jacking. A vessel for something far worse. Something was actually spouting inside her, and within moments, it would engulf her completely.

She’d felt her head pound faintly from the inside. Inhaling and exhaling rapidly, she knew it was too late now. This was it. Something rather horrible was going to happen to her. She’d die in the process of whatever was infecting her. Taking her as host before it killed her. #Green, 03.4.

#RYG – Pt.3


Slowly, she positioned her arms away from her view, by her side, and stared at the green flashing dial of the telephone on the desk in front if her. Her eyes, natural dark brown, had turned creamish with glint. But there was no mirror for her to see that for herself. Something was seriously wrong with her. And this only occurred 3 hours ago.

She tried calling on it, and she had heard a male voice. Just three words. No words more or less. Just 3. #Green, 03.2.

She had tried to console herself after having cried for 15 minutes now. Her winced face, wrinkling and wet. She’d realised this much, this was no nightmare. This was so FUCKING REAL! She was alone, even if she died, no one would come to know of her existence as she faded away like a dream. Nothing right now, could give her a sense of acceptance.

The telephone rang again, it sent an instant throb to her heart, startled her. Ellie turned towards it now. Staring at it. Then raced towards, hoping there was a voice, a person was present on the other side of the receiver.

She waited for a voice, tried again to speak words. Nothing came out. She began gently tapping the tip of her index finger over the receiver. No response. No voice, excerpt a tapping sound. Like the one she had generated. She tapped again. Again, no response. #Red, 01.4.

He turned towards the phone again. And, it was flashing again. He lifted it up to his ears and waited again. No sound as before. He positioned the receiver in front of him, and tapped at the transducer with his finger. Probably the telephone was faulty. But then he couldn’t hear the tip of his finger tapping.

He dropped the receiver back down, with some force. No sound. Curiosity was strangling his stomach like a tightening, spiralling vortex. What if this was a warning? The biohazard suit? What if this was testing chemicals lab? Anytime soon, he could be introduced to a life-threatening infection. #Yellow, 03.3.

#RYG – Pt.2


Jonathan Isaac stared at the rotary dial telephone, a bright yellow one. It was flickering, brightly. There was no sound, no ringing tone. But it was, flashing underneath the dial. He was dubious with doubt, should he pick the receiver up? His brows remained squashed.

His hand gripped at the receiver as he pulled it to his ear, and waited for a voice. He heard nothing. His eyes darted right and left, aimlessly. But there was no voice. #Yellow, 02.1.

Her dark emerald eyes seemed wet, but mostly, so vulnerable. Gently, she held the receiver into her palm, and slowly raised it to her ear. There was a no voice. She felt like she heard a breathe, the dilations of her wet eyes had registered this response with alert.

She tried hard to roll off any words off her to tongue, nothing. Fearing any loss of transmission, she quickly but forcefully tapped at the transducer. Again, and again. Eventually, she lost connection. Placed the receiver back. #Red, 01.3.

“Hello?… Anyone there?” He called out. But not a reply, no tone. He gently placed the receiver back. The dial stopped flashing.

He’d woken two hours ago and saw two things present beside him, the telephone and a bright yellow biohazard suit. He stared at it once more. Deep down, there was a churning feeling in his stomach. Like something horrible was going to happen in this void, white room, which seemed like an interrogation room, but without any windows and an interrogator.

Could this be some kind of a quarantine zone? Was he infected? If so, from what? There had to be a valid, logical reason to why a biohazard suit was present. It so had a purpose… and that fucking muted telephone. #Yellow, 02.2.