#RYG – Pt.3


Slowly, she positioned her arms away from her view, by her side, and stared at the green flashing dial of the telephone on the desk in front if her. Her eyes, natural dark brown, had turned creamish with glint. But there was no mirror for her to see that for herself. Something was seriously wrong with her. And this only occurred 3 hours ago.

She tried calling on it, and she had heard a male voice. Just three words. No words more or less. Just 3. #Green, 03.2.

She had tried to console herself after having cried for 15 minutes now. Her winced face, wrinkling and wet. She’d realised this much, this was no nightmare. This was so FUCKING REAL! She was alone, even if she died, no one would come to know of her existence as she faded away like a dream. Nothing right now, could give her a sense of acceptance.

The telephone rang again, it sent an instant throb to her heart, startled her. Ellie turned towards it now. Staring at it. Then raced towards, hoping there was a voice, a person was present on the other side of the receiver.

She waited for a voice, tried again to speak words. Nothing came out. She began gently tapping the tip of her index finger over the receiver. No response. No voice, excerpt a tapping sound. Like the one she had generated. She tapped again. Again, no response. #Red, 01.4.

He turned towards the phone again. And, it was flashing again. He lifted it up to his ears and waited again. No sound as before. He positioned the receiver in front of him, and tapped at the transducer with his finger. Probably the telephone was faulty. But then he couldn’t hear the tip of his finger tapping.

He dropped the receiver back down, with some force. No sound. Curiosity was strangling his stomach like a tightening, spiralling vortex. What if this was a warning? The biohazard suit? What if this was testing chemicals lab? Anytime soon, he could be introduced to a life-threatening infection. #Yellow, 03.3.


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