#RYG – Pt.4


She felt a sensation release inside her head, around the brain area, like a gentle air bubble was pushed out. It made her lightheaded. But the next few seconds, something begun to sprout from within. And there was pain, like a pulsating wound exposed to air.

Her face grew to a wrinkling wince, her hands now covering over head. It was far, far worse or excruciating than a headache or even a migraine. Lifting her head back, her eyes begun to flitter, back and forth, rapidly like crazy. Insane. She had no control over the flittering, it was scary. #Green, 03.3.

She tore its cord and aggressively threw the telephone onto the wall. It bounced against it, before dropping to the floor. Broken to pieces.

Suddenly she felt a tingling sensation on her tongue. Rolling it sideways, she felt subtle pressure. Something seemed different. Far more disturbing than the expression, unusual. She opened her mouth and touched her tongue with her fingertips. It was gone. Removed. Like it were torn out.

A strong surge of tears rose to a brim, she inhaled and exhaled quickly. The churning feeling in her stomach sank. Hopelessness clouded over her. Why would someone have done this to her? Who? #Red, 01.5.

Blink! It stopped. The flittering of her eyes, but they’re more concentrated in colour. Much more darker. Seemed like veins crawling in and out within them. This wasn’t possession. No ghost-jacking. A vessel for something far worse. Something was actually spouting inside her, and within moments, it would engulf her completely.

She’d felt her head pound faintly from the inside. Inhaling and exhaling rapidly, she knew it was too late now. This was it. Something rather horrible was going to happen to her. She’d die in the process of whatever was infecting her. Taking her as host before it killed her. #Green, 03.4.


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