#RYG – Pt.5


He quickly moved towards the suit, began to suit-up like an astronaut. Before he covered his head and face completely, he saw the telephone flash again. He took a deep breath. Sighed quietly. There was a shiver after an exhale. Now, there had to be two reasons for this. Either, it was to warn him, even if he couldn’t hear a voice or sound, or this was the last warning to suit-up for the predictable but unknown.

He forced his head into the mask of the suit, his face visible through the dome-visor glass. He begun to take deep, long breaths. To eliminate any concerns and fears of any contaminated oxygen. All good, no signs of any hazard, contamination. He didn’t suffocate and die.

He waited. Eyes darted everywhere for ducts, from which any chemical would be introduced. He couldn’t spot any traces, it seemed. #Yellow, 05.4.

The green telephone began flashing again, she’d noticed it, but physical control had begun to diminish. She stared at the telephone, when a white stem began to spout out, a growing seed in the centre with black dots edging around it like tiny needles. Before she collapsed, from exhaustion. #Green, 03.5.


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