#RYG – Conclusion 3

#G R E E N :plant host

It took hours, until she was completely bloated, her physical body had metamorphosed. Her brain had been infected. Her infected body was a fungus carrying sac of parasite with ominous stems waiting to release spores. Her face had been disfigured beyond recognition, that resembling of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. Her hand or what of it, held the receiver and continued to slam it gently against her morphed head. She’d been engulfed by Cordyceps Brain Infection.

Flittering eyes grew alert as her head sharply turned towards the sound of an opening door. Burst through was explosive fire, from a flamethrower. Exterminating her until she was torched and turned to burnt black ash, decomposed.

Until there were no infectious spores left.


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