How to be more creative

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Emily Louise Heard

Have you ever looked at a painting or a piece of art and thought something along the lines of I wish I could do that’ but done absolutely  nothing about it?  Have you ever really asked yourself why you have never just picked up a brush and given it a go?
Some of the most common (and often daunting) feelings facing those who wish to be creative are:

  • Not knowing where to start
  • Fear of failure

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If you do want to be creative, but feel a bit reluctant, then you may find my little list of advice helpful. I have picked up these nuggets of information from my own experience, and the advice of others.  I frequently utilise this list whenever I am suffering the irritatingly notorious ‘creative block’ which plagues us all from time to time.  
Oh and remember, this list does not apply to artists…

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When The Blind Man Spoke – SPOLIERS


To those that have read #WhenTheBlindManSpoke, #SPOLIERS ahead.

– The blind man isn’t blind. He’s a #medium.
– But he was #dead right at the beginning of the narrative.
– The deer’s head is actually #possessing his body. Hence, the cloudy eyes.

Those were some of the clever devices I had integrated into the narrative. Since then, no one has actually identified them.

Thoughts of You



I am thinking about someone, they make me smile, they make me think of sunny days, love and laughter, they make me feel young.  Here is a little poem by me, to brighten up your day.

Thoughts of You

Good morning sunshine,
Let me take hold of you.
Your smile is so pretty,
Your eyes are so blue.
Your spirit is happy,
A magical one.
Breathe light on my path,
And energetic fun.
You make me smile,
Forever this way.
The sweetest thoughts of you,
Are with me today

By Clarabelle, 17 August 2014

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Two – Under The Open Sky

#Dearest friend, you work is highly commendable.

Thoughts Unspoke

“I’m bored,” Tori whined, fanning herself with the latest issue of Vogue.

“This is heaven.” I sighed. “I don’t know what you’re complaining about.”

Johnny pushed himself up off the trampoline, and stood before us bare chested – looking like Poseidon’s long lost son. “If you’re truly bored, I know a place we can go…” He commented.

Tori’s eyes popped open. “Really?” She squealed.

“Yeah,” he replied, adjusting the boom windward toward Harbor River’s bend. “We aren’t too far from the Isle of Key.”

“Ohh,” she breathed with excitement clapping her hands – giddy like a child.

“Don’t get too excited, Tor. The lighthouses are condemned. I don’t think going there is a very good idea, Johnny. We could get in trouble.”

Tori heaved a deep dramatic sigh. “Must you always be such a downer, Sof? We could get in trouble…” She openly mocked.

Johnny snickered.

“Someone has…

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Genius and human


So I’m surfing on Twitter, like I usually do, catching up on tweeting, when something struck me so potently. A tweet declares the passing of Oscar winner and comic genius, Robin Williams. Within the next 10 minutes this is confirmed to be correct. You hold your breath for a moment. Pause. Startled. I think about childhood, because he became a part of your childhood. I’ve watched many of his films, including Popeye, which was fantastically adapted, and Mrs. Doubtfire. They were fascinating to watch, because he was like magic. His performances—touching, poignant and phenomenal—pulled you in, in every film.

The one movie that always touched my heart was Jumanji. I could so relate to Alan when I was a teenager. I was too young to watch it in the cinemas and watched it at home. Somehow I knew this movie would stay with me. And it really did. It introduced me to a powerful performance by Bonnie Hunt. Williams’ ability to improvise dialogues is truly astonishing. His genius shone brightly. Especially his ability to spread joy and laughter—laughter is the best medicine—I recall from Patch Adams, because before that, I wasn’t aware of this saying.

I hadn’t known until now that he was suffering from depression. The fact is, I never imagined him departing the world at 63. This is tragic. He became our smile.


I have suffered from depression as a teenager. It’s very difficult to pull yourself together. It’s not a choice. You don’t see reason because you become consumed by feeling depressed, hopeless. Suicide is not an option; it’s an action out of depression. For some, the only way out is suicide. With cancer, if the symptoms are detected early, it can be prevented. But what about depression? Because in this day and age, the digital social network never really detects depression. We talk about the world, the things in life, the past, present and the future. But what we really don’t do is, listen. The suffocating cries of the suffering. Collapsing under the weight of depression.

Depression is a mental illness. Loneliness gives birth to depression. But for Robin Wiliams, depression could also have been about regret. A personal struggle. I came across an article by Decca Aitkenhead, The Guardian, Monday 20 September 2010. The title read, Robin Williams:

‘I was shameful, did stuff that caused disgust – that’s hard to recover from’.


What I found so emotionally intriguing was the fact that instead of discussing his new film at the time, he wanted to talk about his battle with drugs and alcohol – and recovering from heart surgery. What’s really important is how you feel throughout the span of your life, and that you can talk about it with at least one person. I don’t know if I’m making any sense of this, but I want to encourage people to listen out, and maybe we can change this. For people who need someone to confide in, it would be good if someone was there.

I want to close by adding a quote by my dear friend and emerging author who herself has suffered from depression and thoughts of suicide, Ksenia Anske from her blog WRITER AND DEPRESSION,

“Talk about it. Share your stories about it. Break the stigma and the shame associated with the topic of mental illness.”

It is wonderful to see Robin Wiliams being honoured by powerful media courage and everyone around the globe, through social mediums. Memorializing the iconic star. With each performance, he leaves a part of himself behind. His ability to craft characters so human, they were fragile and yet equally powerful, he made them believable. Farewell, great actor, comic genius and mostly, a wonderful human being. The worlds funniest man alive that ever lived.


— M. Aamir

. . .

Post edited by my dear and wonderful friend/mentor, Dionne Lister. Always grateful to her.

One – Under the Open Sky

Really sorry #dearest Andrea, hopefully soon I could read your #wonderful work. I had some intense time for a few days.

Thoughts Unspoke

Sofia, August 2005

A house is just a house, but the Silver Hill Plantation is where I call home.

Hidden behind black iron gates it stands tall – a pristine white beacon amongst the majestic centuries old live oaks draped in a rich green moss.

Our home rests in McClellanville, South Carolina – a small fishing town home to no more than five hundred people. My adopted family, the McClellan’s, founded this coastal paradise. We are what most call, local royalty. It is a title I’ve never cared for, or felt comfortable with. It somehow implies we are better than the rest. While my perfect blond hair, blue eyed sister, Victoria May, revels in the popularity, I cannot help but feel uncomfortable; like an outsider who has been left to rule a borrowed kingdom.

In McClellanville we do three things for fun – head to the shore, horseback…

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Life Undecided

Thoughts Unspoke

Barely eighteen and I already had the world (and within it my life) figured out – or so I thought.

College student by day, grocery store clerk by night … I was untouchable.

“Dre, what you got goin’ on after work?” Otto asked as I marked off expired goods in the store room.

“A late dinner.”

“By yourself? What you cookin’ me?” He smirked.

I quietly laughed. “You? Nothing. My fiancé, however, is having pork chops.”

“Fiancé? Wait … You’re engaged?”

“Uh huh,” I nodded.

The look of shock on his face bordered resentment. “Why?” He questioned as if it was his business to know.

My shoulders lifted and fell. With them, my heart sank. “He asked.”

At that moment I realized that I didn’t have a better answer for my admirer. His question lingered long after he left me to finish the spoils. Why? Did I love him? Sure.

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The Asperger Effect

She is #phenomenal.

Thoughts Unspoke

If only by proxy, I am a child bound by circumstance. For reasons unknown, I live in a world where tolerance and acceptance are divided, and rarely multiplied. My mind is a cage from which I seek solace. Driven by good intent, I indulge my differences with a smile. Comfort is hardly comforting. Do not pity me.

I am a mother with a daughter so beautiful.

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