Life Undecided

Thoughts Unspoke

Barely eighteen and I already had the world (and within it my life) figured out – or so I thought.

College student by day, grocery store clerk by night … I was untouchable.

“Dre, what you got goin’ on after work?” Otto asked as I marked off expired goods in the store room.

“A late dinner.”

“By yourself? What you cookin’ me?” He smirked.

I quietly laughed. “You? Nothing. My fiancé, however, is having pork chops.”

“Fiancé? Wait … You’re engaged?”

“Uh huh,” I nodded.

The look of shock on his face bordered resentment. “Why?” He questioned as if it was his business to know.

My shoulders lifted and fell. With them, my heart sank. “He asked.”

At that moment I realized that I didn’t have a better answer for my admirer. His question lingered long after he left me to finish the spoils. Why? Did I love him? Sure.

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