The Beer Bottle

“Where did you get that from?”

His friend asked, as he watched the contents of the “beer” slide down his throat. It was strangely, visible to the naked eye. Because it wasn’t no ordinary beer, it was glowing. What was glowing you ask? The fluid of beer. Yes, it was glowing. And you could see for yourself. Large sips full at his throat and swallow. Full at his throat and swallow. Gulping down in large doses he could choke. That didn’t let him slowly down tho. Glowing down his throat as it reached through and into his stomach acid.

“I found it in the woods. Seemed closed… So I popped it open. Tastes like vodka, only it’s not burning down my throat.”

His friend stared at the beer bottle, a dark brown outer shell. You couldn’t tell the fluid was glowing. Take a peek inside, there was tinge of shimmer on the surface of the fluid. Kind of yellowish-gold. It was too dark out there, but the florescence travelling down his throat shone very brightly. It replaced the intensity of a flashlight. He took in some more of it, wouldn’t even share it.

“Let me take a sip or two. Just for the taste.”

He didn’t answer him back.

They’d been out for quite a few hours, just two adrenaline wanderers. Junkies out to smoke some weed. And they did. Enjoyed some euphoria while it lasted. When he found the beer bottle resting under a tree. It wasn’t too strong like vodka, but the amount he had drank by now, was far more. And yet he wasn’t even intoxicated. Still conscious. And now, nature called. He began urinating into the roots of the trees. Let it flush out of his system, relieve himself, eyes closed with a smile. He began feeling at ease. Sparkling waver of yellowy wee excreting out. This was the fluid from the beer.

Then he heard a sound, or sounds of branches crackling. When he released his eyes open to see what was causing this disturbance. It grabbed at his throat. A hand-like strands of branch. Squeezing at his throat. Suddenly this gigantic tree was facing him. Stood so brood like it were a human. It’s leaves were as if “staring” at him. The fingers were digging in, sharp like splinters. Piecing his fragile skin. Then another branch stretch towards him, like an arm reaching in front, holding the same beer bottle. And shoved it into his mouth. Almost into his throat. Forcing his neck to jolt back, his head face the dark sky. If he held the fluid in his mouth he’d choke, so he began swallowing the whole of it. His Adam’s apple racing up and down. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

Hoping to empty it out quickly. It shouldn’t take this long to consume it all. He grew frightened now, his eyes bulging out with fatality. The fluid kept pouring down…

. . .

His friend called out after some time. There was no response. He made his way towards him, and even spotted him at a distance. Startled, his heart jumped almost into his throat. There was no body, only his head sticking out from the glowing tree. His body, consumed within the thick, fat root of it. Now the tree was wavering with yellowish-gold energy. The beer bottle, rested in his mouth in a drinking position. Oh he was so dead, but his eyes remained dilated. His Adam’s apple, bouncing up and down. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

It wasn’t empty…


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