The Mist – Prelude to Under the Open Sky

By my one of my #dearest friend.

Thoughts Unspoke

A spiral arrangement of thunderstorms – Hurricane.

Most roads were flooded, and I found myself quickly diverted, and ultimately lost. My beat up Chevy truck was no match for the raging water from the storm surge at Seewee Bay. When the engine stalled engulfed in water, I grabbed my bag and desperately tried to open the driver-side door. I pushed, and pushed, but no matter how hard I tried, the door wouldn’t open. Terror struck — I was trapped. Wind ravaged the stormy skies forcing everything from it’s path. My cries were uncontrollable. There, without help, my rusted out Chevy became a vessel traveling down the deserted black roadway.

Trees were down causing my old metal boat to twist involuntarily in a whirl of chaos. Grinding metal tore through the howling echoes of the angry seashore winds. My own screams were drown by the rampant storm and my Chevy’s battle…

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