One – Under the Open Sky

Really sorry #dearest Andrea, hopefully soon I could read your #wonderful work. I had some intense time for a few days.

Thoughts Unspoke

Sofia, August 2005

A house is just a house, but the Silver Hill Plantation is where I call home.

Hidden behind black iron gates it stands tall – a pristine white beacon amongst the majestic centuries old live oaks draped in a rich green moss.

Our home rests in McClellanville, South Carolina – a small fishing town home to no more than five hundred people. My adopted family, the McClellan’s, founded this coastal paradise. We are what most call, local royalty. It is a title I’ve never cared for, or felt comfortable with. It somehow implies we are better than the rest. While my perfect blond hair, blue eyed sister, Victoria May, revels in the popularity, I cannot help but feel uncomfortable; like an outsider who has been left to rule a borrowed kingdom.

In McClellanville we do three things for fun – head to the shore, horseback…

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