Two – Under The Open Sky

#Dearest friend, you work is highly commendable.

Thoughts Unspoke

“I’m bored,” Tori whined, fanning herself with the latest issue of Vogue.

“This is heaven.” I sighed. “I don’t know what you’re complaining about.”

Johnny pushed himself up off the trampoline, and stood before us bare chested – looking like Poseidon’s long lost son. “If you’re truly bored, I know a place we can go…” He commented.

Tori’s eyes popped open. “Really?” She squealed.

“Yeah,” he replied, adjusting the boom windward toward Harbor River’s bend. “We aren’t too far from the Isle of Key.”

“Ohh,” she breathed with excitement clapping her hands – giddy like a child.

“Don’t get too excited, Tor. The lighthouses are condemned. I don’t think going there is a very good idea, Johnny. We could get in trouble.”

Tori heaved a deep dramatic sigh. “Must you always be such a downer, Sof? We could get in trouble…” She openly mocked.

Johnny snickered.

“Someone has…

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