How to be more creative

Truly #inspiring. : )

Emily Louise Heard

Have you ever looked at a painting or a piece of art and thought something along the lines of I wish I could do that’ but done absolutely  nothing about it?  Have you ever really asked yourself why you have never just picked up a brush and given it a go?
Some of the most common (and often daunting) feelings facing those who wish to be creative are:

  • Not knowing where to start
  • Fear of failure

creativity_quote_web Photo source- Pinterest

If you do want to be creative, but feel a bit reluctant, then you may find my little list of advice helpful. I have picked up these nuggets of information from my own experience, and the advice of others.  I frequently utilise this list whenever I am suffering the irritatingly notorious ‘creative block’ which plagues us all from time to time.  
Oh and remember, this list does not apply to artists…

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