The Dark Alley

My very first short horror, wrote in 2005, when I was 19. First diagnosed dyslexia. And so, I was provided support. My tutor David Miller.

. . .

The alley was very dark and rubbish was blowing across the floor. There were black plastic bags ready for the dustbin man to collect. The floor was wet and damp and there were a few puddles on the floor, which reflected the windows of the houses as they caught the light of the moon. The walls were sprayed with different coloured graffiti of names or rude words. Some of the houses had been divided into flats and there were staircases at the back of the houses, which were old and rusty. The staircases were used to let the occupants of the top flat have their own front door. The windows were steamed up and there were water droplets running down the panes.

One evening Jeffery, dressed in blue jeans, white T-shirt, with a different coloured open necked shirt and wearing a black leather jacket was returning home to his flat, when he heard a scream of a man in pain coming from the alley, which got louder and louder and echoed all around the dark alley and then stopped instantly.

He rushed into the dark alley and saw the fire escape staircase old and rusty. The alley was very dark; there were bloodstains on the walls, which were covered with graffiti, on the floor. On the stairways and on windows there was blood dripping down. He noticed there was just silence. He then noticed a dead body on the floor lying on his or her back a few distances away. He rushed to the dead body and looked at the outfit wearing black jeans, black short-sleeved shirt soaked in blood. It was a young male who had a big cut from his chest to the stomach cut open up and his head was cut open up too as if the body was empty not having any organs or brains inside. There was a lot of blood on the floor spreading across slowly into puddles making them red. Brains and organs were on the floor. It seemed as if someone or something had cut open the head and the chest.

Jeffery then heard voices apparently coming out from nowhere, which echoed saying, “You’re next” in a very faint voice. The voices became louder and louder and repeated the words again and again. He was shocked by what the voices had just said to him. He then put his fingers in his ears to ignore the voices and shouted out loud “STOP! What do you want from me?”

His heart started to pump hard and loud and then louder making him feel scared to death. Everything was now silent. Jeffery slowly got his fingers out of his ears and noticed everything was silent. He said very calmly to himself “Why has everything gone silent?”

Jeffery slowly looked up on the rusty staircase and a shadow slowly appeared onto the staircase of an old man dressed up in a black suit, a few wrinkles on his face and maybe in his late 40s. The old man pointed with his finger at Jeffery and with a smile said, “You come here” in a faint voice. The old man then slowly disappeared while waving at Jeffery.

Jeffery was shocked and looked around him. He wondered, “Who was that old man? How did he disappear into thin air? Everything is so strange around here.”

Suddenly Jeffery noticed a telephone booth. He ran up to it to call the police for help. He opened the door then closed it behind him. He started to dial 999. “Hello, is this the police? I need some help,” he said loud and clear so the police could hear him but when he looked down he noticed the wire of the booth was cut but mysteriously he heard voices from the handset. He could not tell if they were male or female or even the language, which he could not understand.

“What is it saying to me?” he said in his mind.

He then realised the voice was speaking in English but backwards making it complicated for him to understand and repeating the words again and louder maybe warning him. Jeffery tried to listen to what was being said but answered back “What are you saying to me? Please tell me in English so I can understand” he said very nervously. He looked at the booth’s windows and was shocked to see bloodstains dripping down slowly. A few words appeared written in blood reading, “You’re next”.

He heard the wind pass by as if someone had walked by. He turned around and noticed few dark shadows of people, which appeared on the wall. The shadows looked as if they were trying to come out of the wall. Jeffery slowly put the handset down and walked out of the booth watching the dark shadows, which slowly disappeared into thin air.

“I like to slaughter everyone who comes in here for the sins they have done.” Jeffery recognized the voice, turned around very fast and saw that it was the old man with an evil smile holding a big knife in his hand. He had bloodstains on his suit, scars on the head and blood on the knife dripping down. He raised his knife up to his face. The knife had cast a reflection of the old man’s dark eyes while the blood was dripping down from the knife with a few drops falling on the ground. He spoke out in a deep voice, “You’re next Jeffery”, he was smiling all the time.

“How does he know me, have I been here before? ” Jeffery said in his mind. He was shocked to know how the old man knew who he was.

“You don’t mind if I cut you up?” Jeffery was very terrified and felt scared and got to thinking about what the old man could do to him. His fear was building up within him. He felt very scared by the old man. He felt like running out of the alley.

Before Jeffery could run the old man attacked him with the knife.

Blood splashed onto Jeffery’s head getting him covered and soaked with blood. The old man said very slowly in a deep voice “You are next now, thank you, let’s start off with the head,” while diving his knife into Jeffery’s head. Jeffery never saw the knife coming because his face was covered with blood all over. “Aarrrhhhhh…” he screamed out in pain and then instantly stopped. Everything was silent again.

Blood splashed onto the walls covered with blood and on the floor. The old man cut open the chest, organs fell out and blood splashed all over the place. An evil smile appeared on his face. He was ready for more.

Jeffery’s body was found the next morning.


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