3 A.M

Powerful words.

Anouska's Blog


Constant frantic fits of the fan
striking its symphony,
Sharpening its blades,
smirking reeks of anxiety..

The crickets’ knighthood
reigning from
nooks & corners
in chambers
of the night..

Solemn whispers of
the rosewood bushes
rustling against the wind..

Sounds of sorrow
and delight
echoing manifold
as hymns of the hour..

Deep breathing of
a face pasted
with hollow greetings,
yearning to repose
yet wrapped in
of solitude broken..

Out to tame the
savage blow of illusion,
Rows of grim,
dark developments mystify..

The night skies ponder
and starless..

Trepidation spreads
like a plague..

Feeling consternation in
leaps of time,
3 a.m knew all my stories..

By Anouska Banerjee

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