Four – Under the Open Sky

Thoughts Unspoke

My eyes closed slowly, allowing my soul to slip into the darkness. I welcomed death with open arms. Of all the choices I had made in my life, this was the one not worthy of regret.

The cloak of shadows enveloped me like warm silk. While I knew not where I was, I did know that I had to move forward. I walked. Simple enough it would seem, however, the darkness plays tricks on you. It speaks of your insecurities, and feeds off of your fear. With nowhere to run, and no possible way to escape the torment, you are left helpless. A feeling I did not care for.

My mind was filled with whispers – greedy incessant voices determined to drown me in my own misery. Is this the price I pay? I wondered. I came to the conclusion that Hell can be an extraordinary opponent or your…

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