Realizing, in hindsight

You’re doing so well dear friend.

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Looking through the mirror, deciphering the fragile past;
So what was it she had felt in a stranger’s presence?
Something like safety, she remembered, a sense of protection,
and a shallow sense of deep well-being.
Now it dwindled in the distance like fast moving turbulent winds.
Why was it so comforting to confide in a stranger,
to shower your secrets into the depths of a never ending black-hole?
Quiet as a street at night, hope lay still waiting for the unrisen Sun
as wisdom slept within the heart..
Infinitely, and like a sea, your Higher-self reached out
and proved to be a safe haven in times of despair.
The cloak of superficiality tarnishes like a mirage ..better late than never.

In retrospect, this defines the impulsiveness stemming out of the lack of self-love.

– Anouska Banerjee

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