Seasoned Without a Why

Anouska's Blog


Not soon, as late as the approach of my twenty-fifth year,
A pathway was forged inside of me where
I entered the clarity strewn along the shores of wisdom.

Just when it was the darkest hour before dawn,
the veil was lifted and who I was rose to surface.
The wine of life ripened with time, and days were spent
in solitude intoxicated with freedom, no longer fleeing from silence.

As I fed my ears to a higher calling,
The messages of Masters passed beseeched me not to leave yet,
but awaken a while for love of the Self transcends lifetimes.
Having broken through the seal of illusion, hindered by none,
I stood immersed in the sea of divinity with grief washed aside
and mercy of gratefulness ushering enlightenment.

As consciousness ripens, the deeper is the joy of my soul.
As I greet and acknowledge myself in thousand other forms,

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