Stir of Echoes

By the wonderfully awesome #dear Anouska! She writes a lot better than me! Haha.

Anouska's Blog


Standing on the edge
with a heart to neck,
At any moment
falling off the precipice..

Lost in an eternal game of
hide and seek;
good over evil,
playing with your demons
casting hollow shadows
across walls where
lights once sheltered you

They leave no trace,
gifting gazes of
Shrouded, conjured
and sheltered
from the clouds of black

A perverse and sinister
reality dawns
fled from the shores
of malice..

The soul screams
to bid farewell
to the mystic terrors
of the lost..

For the land of nightmares
are etched too real into life,
unbanished from the depths
of fear..

The echoes of your long pleas
have now awoken the
Creatures dwelling
in the after-hours of nightfall..
Those who shall not be named.

By Anouska Banerjee

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