Six – Under the Open Sky

By a #dearest friend! : )

Thoughts Unspoke

It was a long and quiet walk to Cora’s house. Armie walked ahead of me, impatient with my slow pace. Every so often he would hold a branch back for me, or help me over a fallen tree, but he did so silently.

“I thought you said Cora’s house was up ahead? We’ve been walking for hours,” I complained. I was putting a lot of faith in him. The least he could do was be patient.

“We’re nearly there.”

My eyes desperately searched the forest. I waited to see some sort of clearing or outlet, a place where a cottage could rest. I don’t think he knows how to judge distances very well, I thought spitefully.

Small patches of sunshine streamed through the branches above. I could hear birds chirping softly amongst the bushes lined with berries. Sub Caelo had a fairytale quality. I began to whistle hi…

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