Somewhere in Time

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Opening up the roof
to usher in a welcomed season..
You stretched out your hand,
and I left the familiar for a while..

Reaping the magnificence of excitement
and love,
Breathing in the fragrance of happiness,
I gazed upon a thousand splendid diamond mines
of possibilities.

Mounting the hidden tides and travelling
back home to you time and again,
All hemispheres united heavenly
to catch a glimpse of that unfettered
hope of tomorrow
etched in your heart,
forever glowing deep as an ember..

As lovers,we only reinvented ourselves
escaping the clutches of mediocrity,
surpassing the illusion of labels.

Reinvigorating ourselves on the playground
of life,
Resonating with this timeless tale,
I am because You are..

By Anouska Banerjee

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