Paths of Spirit

By a #wonderful friend. : )

Anouska's Blog


Innocent smiles
like the face of a newborn child,
laughter resonates speaking of comforts in volumes,
grapes flourish trembling on vines ripening with time,
and I fear, I still have so much to lose without you

Take a look within our embrace of so much life flowing through my veins
lest it goes to waste living unlived lives once dreamt of..

Thrilled anew by the expanse of life, succeeding with undiminished interest,
In a soul, there is only love,
brimming with light and pouring out darkness like the winter’s end..

Undeciphered, it causes sensations,
Unfelt, it ushers feelings,
Unthinkable, it causes memories
Bearing witness to the histories you hold.

Wondering as a child of mystery
My fingers trace your very being
as we lay still beneath the illusion of an unfathomable world
feeding our ears to the whisper of the silent earth: I am..

Flowing with the immovable beat of…

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