Awake Awhile

Beautiful writings. Always in great praise of you dear Anouska. : )

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I close my eyes to watch a thousand suns
adorn the dark screen of my eyelids

Desires long slept tucked away in the inertia of origin
still spur awake as the moonlit nights rest in a pause
where moments thrive without a measure

Songs of the heart resonate with winds serenading high hopes
For tomorrow never knows.

May someone, some day cross this path,
bringing forth their unpolluted presence
where it is known in an instant,
that silence is music and we are a ripple,
a chord in this concert of life.

Rising with the waves, then transcending
past time..

Love endures me surpassing all shores
and I leave my heart open as it sways to the beat
of a mystic’s wandering.

By Anouska Banerjee

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