Siren Suicides Bk. 3; The Afterlife REVIEW — Warning may contain spoilers

Ailen Bright—reborn siren—is back in her 3rd and final outing in the Siren Suicides series. Emerging author Ksenia Anske returns, with a darker and far more unsettling and emotionally-charged conclusion. A continuum of the second. This is my attempt at describing my experience as a reader. And so, my aim is to express and not to spoil the events of the last in the trilogy. Here it goes…

Ailen’s spiralling journey descends into the darkness for the worst this time round. Her transformation has developed into a being far more fierce, and extremely deadlier. There is carnage, a string of souls being harvested. Ailen temporarily lets loose her insanity, in a sinister way. But she’s become a victim to her actions and consequences. Her heart remains the same, that of a sixteen year old teenager. It amazes that despite her growing knowledge of what she had become—accepting it, regretting it—and tapping into newer and killer supernatural attributes, her emotional state remains intact. Guilt and regret swallow her in gulps of doubt throughout the course of the narrative.

Was it really worth dying for and be transformed into a soulless cold-blooded, seawater of a body, siren? Ailen’s existence hangs in the balance between staying in real world or surrendering by dying all over again to embrace the afterlife. When her continuous urge to escape chaos will come to end. And this to, as she regains as sense of a self-realisation. After denying it many times over.

I found this concluding narrative to be emotionally difficult to read, because of the unpredictable events and mostly because you care so much for characters, especially Ailen. Dread falls over you, as self-generated predictions and the inevitable or imminent of events blur to fuse into one. You, the reader, are constantly left questioning the occurrence of events and when the unexpected comes crawling in with confirmation, you are startled in denial. This is truly the emotional impact of Ksenia Anske’s powerful words of poetry, and profound metaphors.

I’ve been reading each chapter every day, and I’m deeply glad that I did, because it kept me in Ailen Bight’s spiralling world of trembling uncertainties, pessimistic anxieties and endless tremors of chaos. Like an absorbed observer watching her unpredictable life unfold in my mind’s eye. The power of Ksenia Anske’s narrative keeps you glued as it reaches closer towards a powerfully heart-stopping finale. The fates of Hunter—reborn siren hunter, Canosa, Teles and Ligia leave you potently shellshocked. What comes of Papa, the duel-welding sonic gunner? And especially Ailen. A continuous rain of questions.

I want to mention the last closing chapters that send you back to BRIGHT’S HOUSE, where we as the readers were first introduced to Ailen’s attempt at drowning herself in her bathroom, in a bathtub full of water. It was phenomenal in the way Ailen collects and reminisces what had come when she had turned sixteen, 6 days back.

And when she does arrive back home, you are invited to some of the finest fight-sequences on the scale of expensive Hollywood films. The one that I am reminded of as I mentioned in my previous reviews is Day Watch, a Russian fantasy. Intense, and extremely on-the-edge. Especially the explosive showdowns between Ailen and the fiercely poisonous Canosa. Ailen is truly the female version of Anton. Her emotions drive her to great heights of tumultuous courage. Within this, Ailen allows her childhood memories to seep through, in the face of hopelessness and sorrow.

Ksenia Anske has crafted an emotional voyage into the life of one of the finest characters ever devised in modern literature, Ailen Bright. There is no farewell. Because Ailen’s life lingers over you after you’ve completed reading the series. I don’t regret reading this phenomenal piece of fiction, it will remain a narrative—an ordeal of escape, anxiety, confrontation & hope—and the characters close to my heart. Alongside the characters from my favourite Stephen King fictions.

A moving story of secret confessions, yearning love and shocking revelations. Surprise is the main ingredient here, and after you’ve read it, I hope you don’t approach it with disappointment. It’s a series of meaningful metaphors, a personal message to take away with you. An important one.

Commendable efforts by Ksenia’s daughter, Anna Milioutina for her wonderful illustrations and Colleen M. Albert’s editing deserve a special mention. In the style of Day Watch, I hope the movie(s) do find a future on the big screen. It’s ineffable to describe this phenomenal experience, and the efforts and imagination gone into crafting this by Ksenia, one that truly deserves to be read. Ailen Bright you’ve just reserved a place in modern literature. You were meant to stay all along, since I first read a sample back in late 2012. Ksenia Anske, emerging author and highly imaginative genius in a modern breed of writers. Truly deserved.

5/5 — Mesmerising.
. . .
Who is Ksenia Anske?

Ksenia Anske has been a full-time writer for 2 years now. Her very first fiction, Siren Suicides gained her a huge popularity and a surge of fan followers around the globe. A true inspiration for readers and emerging writers. She has offered free digital version of the books, via Kindle and iBooks.

Her works include, the SIREN SUICIDES trilogy, ROSEHEAD, and the recently released, IRKADURA.
. . .

The cover image has been taken from the following link below. By artist Mr. Naizz. One of Ksenia’s selections.


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