Here comes Sam!

The sequel to the highly creative sci-fi, surrealistic fantasy, TSpE.

The new concept now follows Sam since its holographic distraction followed by a t-jump escape in the first. Evidently, the references to cinema and music culture is back with Sam too. With many more upgrades, and even discovers housed in triplicate fuel cells.

And it’s not alone this time too. Sam is about to meet the real world in a globetrotting, path-breaking journey that reaches new heights of innovation and adventure.

Very much like the first, it’s a creative sci-fi, surrealistic fantasy. It takes the series into a new direction. This time, the installments have been developed into a flash-fiction structure, a length far larger than that of the first, 200 words. The new concept is dubbed, TSpE2.

The entire series was developed in approximately 5 months (Feb to July 2013). The sequel can be considered a season 2 kind of structure.

The series is an online release,
Friday posts from Jan-April 2015.


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