Take a jump in time — Rewind 2014 UPDATED

Hello dear friends, what I’m about to present to you is a reflection into some of events that took place as 2014 comes to an end. The idea, which originally stemmed from my dearest friend and Twitter sensation Ksenia Anske. So here is goes, this is my first time at this…


— Officially completed training as volunteer for Cancer Awareness. Took part in sessions & group meetings. Include receiving 3 Hepatitis B vaccines to reach full immunisation.

— Storehouse invited me to β-test their app updates. Mark Kawano CEO/Co-founder, who previously worked for Apple. The app won Best Design Award 2014. Also friended many of the Storehouse community.

— Released two short fictions, RYG —an experimental jigsaw narrative, which went unnoticed. And WHEN THE BLIND MAN SPOKE — dark horror, with extended version. A clever literacy device of introducing two characters a journalist and a blind person. It’s based on their startling conversation. Which received great praise & rave tweet reviews by many, including award winning authors. It also crossed 500 views in about 5 days.

— Volunteered as a participant in a Doctorate Project based on the study of Dyslexia and writing.

— My unexpected shorter fiction THE BEER BOTTLE was a surprise success. Highly praised for its darkly unsettling atmosphere and execution.

— The team of Haunting Melissa and maker Neal Edelstein followed me on Twitter. HAUNTING MELISSA & its sequel DARK HEARTS reinvent digital storytelling on the iPad. An experimental horror that truly delivers.

— Joined the #MIX on PAPER by FiftyThree. Hopefully this will help me improve my painting skills on the digital canvas. Attempting to work with PROCREATE also.

— During the period of Ramadan, in the middle, I went from 30 readers to currently 4000+ readers on ReadWave. Along with this I had received requests to perform as editor for the themes on 5/6 occasions. But due to unstable series of events, it was not possible.

— After emailing traditional and digital publishers, and receiving no feedback to feature WHEN THE BLIND MAN SPOKE. I choose not to ask to be featured after that for any of my future works.

— For the first I became an active blogger for Storehouse, ReadWave, Medium & WordPress. Featuring artcovers by emerging artists. Sharing informative thoughts. Connecting with the globe emotionally, as a writer. Allowing the inner voice to echo.

— I communicated with many artists, be it authors, painters and photographers. And also promoted emerging artists around the globe. Via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and email.

— My blog post based on the passing of comic actor Robin William, GENIUS AND HUMAN — allowed me to express openly. A post close to my heart.

— Actor John Noble (Walter Bishop of FRINGE, SLEEPY HOLLOW), favourited my tweet. Did not receive a tweet response from Stephen King, yet. Lol.

— Emerging author, dearest friend Ksenia Anske introduced & invited me to a new social network, ELLO.

— Reading SIREN SUICIDES by Ksenia Anske, allowed me to explode my thoughts onto digital paper. Establishing myself a far more serious writer, and possibly, a controversial one. WINGS OF METAPHORS was that explosion on canvas stimulated by Ksenia’s books.

— Tom Hanks typewriter app, Hanx Writer, greatly allows me to write. A digital typewriter that works!

— A new YouTube sensation to be —Rickshawali, mentioned me in her 2 videos, the last ending with Rickshaw Reverse 2014.

— A special mention of Muniba Mazari is a paraplegic artist and a writer, who spoke at TEDxIslamabad—Turning adversity into opportunity. Listening and learning so much from her speech, gave me incredible inspiration. She continues to spread her glow. I connected with her through Twitter. Shared my great praise respect for her. Physically challenged but differently abled.

— For the first time in my life, I took to reading, and what better material than that by dearest Ksenia Anske —the Twitter sensation. I completed reading of SIREN SUICIDES BK 1-3, ROSEHEAD and in progress IRKADURA. Minus the last one, that’s 4 books in the last 4 months of 2014! And wrote reviews.

— The real misfit in the crowd of the conformists. I came to realise who really cared and who didn’t. Those that believed in me, my true friends. And to those that left me to find a popular crowd to make their existence felt “significant”, I’m not interested in talking to you. Treat someone for who they are.

— I’ve become far more daring, as a person and writer. Never a conformist.


— Future blog posts will continue to gather momentum.

— 3 interviews are in progress, where I interview artists such as Mumbai’s globetrotter Rickshawali of YouTube, Pakistan’s emerging artist in photography Zoya Tariq, & photographic and cinemagraphic works by Lebanese artist Lara Zankoul.

— The second season in THE SOLAR-POWERED ENTITY releases early 2015, Jan-April as 16 instalments.

— COCCON a short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY set to release in August. It’s a space narrative that looks at human interaction, music & film culture, and the digital age of social media through conversations with an alien life form in space. References include soundtracks from Coldplay’s GHOST STORIES. The only two short fiction to release this year. It has already been read and greatly praised for its narrative.

— BEAM DEER, the narrative that features a little boy lost in the woods, meets a beaming-eyes deer, & the highly controversial, ZOYA, which is a small event indirectly mentioned in THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF MAYA SAMPATH, could possibly release in 2016. Re-edits of ZOYA is almost complete.

— RADIO MANDELA could be cancelled, as it has not taken any shape in my mind. There is a narrative based around a shapeshifter stirring in my thoughts.

— Reading of IRKADURA by Ksenia shall be completed, along with a review. This will give me more time to read more books. Add more creative juice. Learn and inspire. A lot!

. . .

So, that’s all folks! Thank you to everyone for being a part of my life, in the real and the virtual world. For your tremendous support and dear friendship. Keep going strong. Paint the blank canvas of 2015, to whatever you want it to be. Spread your glow.

Wish you all a very blessed, Happy New Year!


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