Found her, Cecilia

– Hi.

Sam had now t-jumped back into the same cab, which was still moving. Coincidently, Cecilia was still here too, her ears plug with earphones. She seemed to be listening to an unabridged audiobook of Haruki Murakami’s phenomenal 1Q84 on her iPad rest on her lap, the white bezel version. When she jumped with fright just as Sam t-jumped beside her. A scream almost escaped her throat. When the cabbie stared at her reflection in the rear-view mirror and questioned with curiosity, she quickly nodded away any suspicions.

Cecilia chuckled quietly from within, at herself as she gently pulled the earphones out from her ears. Her brows softly grew closer, almost squashing together, and she smiled. She’d realised that since Sam was projecting bubbles in Korean, she probably didn’t need to speak, or whisper in English. Even tho she could speak English very well though.

“나는 세실리아.” She whispered.
– I’m Cecilia.

“난 샘.”
– I am Sam.

Positioning its finger over its mouth, Sam gestured to remain quiet. Cecilia blinked with both eyes, that was fine by her. A small cord edged out from Sam’s head, right side, the antenna. And with that, Sam began to intercept transmission with the radio inserted in the cab. The radio began giving off crackling noises. Enough the interrupt the cabbies attention, with a hand slam against the radio.

“내가 했 어이 똥 수리 6 번 처럼! 다시 재생.”
– I’ve had this shit repaired, like 6 times! Playing up again.

The cabbie wasn’t in the mood today. Cecilia began laughing, and the cabbie turned to towards her.

“너무 재 밌는 무엇입니까?”
– What’s so funny? He wasn’t amused at all.

“그것은 지금 7 시간에 대 한 수리를 해야 합니다.”
– You’ll need to have it repaired for the 7th time now. Cecilia teased.

“샘은 그렇게, 지금?… 같은 애 태우는 거 야. 재미 있지만.”
– Sam is doing that, right?… you’re such a tease. Funny though. She whispered to Sam.


Memory Lane

A small plant laid resting on the centre of Sam’s palm, it had found on the foot of the corner pavement. It’s single pupil dilated with intrigue as Sam stared at it, yet avoiding any attention. Sam hadn’t seen anything like it, only read up about plant life on the Internet. In the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Sam was now in “Memory Lane” or also informally known as “Piss Alley”. A brightly vibrant market cramped with tightly stuffed small shops, with rectangular, curve edged balloon-like shop labels afloat.

The imprinted black labels glowed brightly from the lamp that was enclosed within them. The pathway was wide enough for a single person. Quite a claustrophobic space it would seem for an Otaku, those that preferred the opposite. Despite this, it had quite a dingy personality to it.

A camera flash bounced from Sam’s left, un-dilated eye, and snap! Sam had captured a high-resolution image of “photosynthetic life”. One of the few functions Sam had learned to tap into, since its t-jump escape. The image was instantly stored to Sam’s heart flash-storage. Sam rotated it backpack over its chest, in front of it, unzipped and slowly placed the small plant inside and then positioned the backpack after zipping it closed. Sam was ready to leave. But was interrupted when a drunk approached, made his way towards Sam. Sam began calculating probabilities of the drunk changing direction, it seemed quite unlikely. What was Sam’s response, a holographic image initiated to project from a large pothole in front.

Heather O’Rourke’s Carol Anne Freeling suddenly thrust forward head and arms out from the wet puddle in front of the drunk, with voice effects echoing out from Sam loudspeakers. His mouth stretched wide open with trepidation almost about to allow a scream to escape and his brows raised one over the other. Flash-snap!

This was quite a #Photobomb moment Sam registered. The drunk man ran screaming with disbelief and baffled, like he’d seen a ghost for real. When everyone edged out of their cubicle markets to investigate what had happened, t-jump!

Here comes the Rickshawali — Interview

Hello dear friends, I introduce todays post with an interview of a very dear friend, who I met through YouTube, at the time, she had only just released her 3rd video. And after liking, commenting and sharing her quirky material, with added hilarious, enthusiastic energy. I contacted her via Twitter. At first, I would seem like a creepy, Especially when strangers make a connection, and your tweets come in a series like you were spamming.

The very first observation of making that connection. I had words of praise for her attempt at crafting creative material for YouTubers. For everyone actually. In India the most popular TV series is Bigg Boss, due to controversial reasons I add. And here, I found a new kind of freshness, the modern memes of the social media integrated. She utilized this in such an effective way, her videos should be viral. A new YouTube sensation, hopefully soon.

Hollywood meet Bollywood. Armed with her stuff animal friends Karan, Shakti & Johnny (nope, not Johnny Depp or Johnny Mnemonic). Here comes Mumbai’s globetrotter, Hinglish speaking the Rickshawali, may you awesomely introduce your wonderful self madam. The girl with the sparkling Amélie-eyes. Did I mention she’s a huge fan of the highly commendable Bollywood actor Salman Khan. 

Who is Rickshawali or should I ask, what is the Rickshawali?

Hahahahaha Thank you so much for your awesome introduction. You’ve captured exactly the right nuances of me and my channel for my introduction. I feel very much humbled by it so thank you so much for it.

Who is the Rickshawali! Well, Rickshawali is a fun, happy and quirky charachter I play in my show who travels around in a Ricksha and talks about all things positive and fun in life like having interviews, giving positive movie reviews (Rickshawali loves Bollywood), talking about all sorts of funny things which matter to her and of course a big chunk of it is filled by my love for salman! 🙂

How did the idea of making videos on YouTube came about? — Where do you find inspiration to create, if any?

I have been making videos since many years now. From funny birthday videos and wedding videos for friends and family, the art of editing always inspired me! Then I started making funny, cute videos of myself wherever I travelled. I’ve always known the existence of Youtube and started putting those travel videos on YouTube to share my experience and always kept a funny touch to it, and seeing that people kept watching those videos I kept making more and more!

I find inspiration in people, in happiness, in wanting to give something back! I always had the need to make people happy and to put a smile on their face! That alone gives me inspiration! I am happy that I am able to do it now, even if it’s just for a few minutes!

Could you walk us through your editing process? You also add funny animations. How long does it take to fully complete one video?

Editing is quite a long and tedious job. Mostly it takes me between 5–10 hours to complete 1 video, sometimes more, depending on the subject and the style I shot the video. If you don’t like editing you’ll most probably hate it. The worst part of the edit is the first cut. That’s the most boring and irritating process since you have to chuck out all the extra parts first. After that starts the real fun where your video starts taking shape and I start putting texts and small effects on the videos to compliment of what I am saying actually. The animations completes the video in a very playful way, at least I think.

Your videos, I’ve come to know, not just present lighthearted entertainment but also address themes of awareness and education, the current conditions or events that take place around the globe. You voice your opinions. Why so?

I feel it’s important in a time like this where so many problems and issues are happening around the globe about religion, caste, gender inequality and most importantly rape. I feel very strongly about certain topics and feel I should share it for other people to maybe learn or understand or even share their experiences or thoughts about it. But that doesn’t mean they have to agree to what I feel. There is always room for discussion and everyone has their own opinion about it.

To elaborate, considering voicing ones opinions over controversial issues, the arguments and contradictions that follow. Does it frighten or intimidate you in anyway?

Not at all. In fact it’s sad to see how many people are still living in a time which is 50 years backwards. Which doesn’t mean I disrespect culture, rituals and norms. But I feel encouraged to do even more videos about my opinion and share my views about certain things to bring about some type of change at least, even if it’s just very small. But yet again, I don’t push anyone to agree with me.

I want to add, myself and Rickshawali have had a series of discussions regarding issues that carry controversial arguments, and not once does she hesitant to speak what she believes in. And never does she force her opinions over you. Most respectful of other’s views. The many times I’ve tweeted to her and communicated opinions on Google+.

How do you feel about social media platforms, is expressing creative work much easier or difficult? Is the future brighter for YouTubers like yourself?

Yes, about 139% it’s brighter. 🙂 But to answer your first question, today social media has taken such an important part of our life. We can’t live without our phones anymore (which in one way is very sad ) but the great thing about it is that spreading your work and creativity is so much easier today! Twitter, Instagram, facebook and Youtube! You can share your work and someone or the other will see it! But yes, it’s takes some time till people actually take the time to read your tweets or share your work. This takes consistency and persistence and hopefully eventually people will get to see your work and creativity and you Aamir have been the most wonderful and helpful person and the one who has always supported me in my journey, thank you again for that!

To go on to the second question, today youtube in the United States or many other countries like Australia or Singapore is enormously big. India is still picking up but trying to grow as fast as it can. Today, we maybe have 10 big people on Youtube like AIB or even Scherezade Shroff but the real youtube boom in India is picking up now. Last year was the first big youtube Fan Fest in India where all the big Youtubers from abroad came like Bethany Mota or Superwoman.

It is a new form of source of entertainment and people in India are still very new to it although the contradictive side to it is that India is actually where IT is born! But yes, everyday more and more people are seeing Youtube as a more convenient way to spend their leisure time with so hopefully soon Youtube India will also be having millions of great Youtubers who are making great content.

How do you feel about your videos? I’m highly aware your videos are coming into existence, are you satisfied with how things have come to be?

If I wouldn’t love my videos, I wouldn’t make them. I always wanted to make good content with high quality. Content which is important but yet funny.

Youtube is like a process, like any business is.. You learn as you do! Sadly till now there is not a Youtube degree available! 🙂 But yes, it’s interesting to see how I have evolved from my first video more than a year back!

Any current plans for 2015?

One line for that: More AWESOME Content!

Any message for emerging artists, or those with a keen interest in becoming YouTuber? Words of inspiration.

Do what you love doing. You will only succeed if you believe in yourself and work very hard! But most important of all: Persistence. Just keep on doing what you are doing, if you love doing it. Success will follow eventually. I kept reading about this when other people used to say it or write about exactly the same thing as I mentioned and I can only agree to it. 

As for Youtube, now is the right time to start when Youtube is still growing. If you have something interesting to share or have good visual content but don’t have the money or the producer to back it, Youtube is a great option. But again, success doesn’t come by putting up one video and hoping you’ll get the viral hit in an instance without doing anything for it. If the content is good and you work hard, people will find you… Eventually most DEFINATELY! 🙂

Rickshawali, I congratulate you on your 1st year as a amazing YouTuber! my blessings are with you always dearest friend and wonderful human being. I deeply hope, and pray that you have an exciting and prosperous 2015! Soon to be YouTube sensation, my infinite support and friendship is with you, always. She is an important voice, a relevant one in today’s times. Thank you so much for your friendship lovely lady.

Dear friends do check out her YouTube channel, follow her on FaceBook, Twitter & Instagram. I would like to mention this Friday the awesome Rickshawali will be collaborating with a friend, a YouTube sensation. A funny collaboration, do check it out!

Links below;

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The cover art has been taken from the following link below, I contacted the artist, Parinita Salian. She was wonderful, and instantly accepted for me to feature her image. Thank her kindly for this amazing gesture. Wish her all the very best!

Welcome! — Update

The coordinates were set on the iPad just before Sam made the teleport jump. And here came the t-jump!

세실리아 무라카미 – Cecilia Murakami had just called in a cab, she pulled the door open. There was a decorated side on the door that read “I ❤ New Tokyo". New-imprinted within a red heart shape. She had been carrying her leather handbag, which was resting on her forearm whilst she was holding a decaf in one hand, and an iPad in the other. Making her way home. She edged inwards, avoiding to bump her head. Cecilia sat in the back passenger seat, when she was instantly startled. Her brows raised, eyes wide open from disbelief, she paused and waited to register this much more accordingly.

"환영 합니다." pop came a bubble of text.
– Welcome.

Sam had arrived, its CJ7 t-shirt emblazonment his attitude, held between its hands was a Rubik's cube, Sam was now in Tokyo Metropolis. A thriving, ultramodern megalopolis. Sam was the real foreign-time-traveller here. Remember that Inception-style illusion Sam once dreamt of or had projected, well this was real, Sam was finally here.

Cecilia continued to watch, until a soft smile grew over its face. Sam suddenly returned a smile. A smiling AI, really? Like that was possible. Sam had in fact studied via dreaming about human interaction, the psychology behind positive and negative behaviour. Metaphorically speaking, it was like electric charged ions. It was benign for sure.

Was this really for real? From what it seemed by appearance, Cecilia wandered it was a prank, a child dressed up in a costume. If not, it was probably an interactive toy it seemed so much like one. She turned towards the cabbie and then back at Sam, and had realised that the cabbie was unknown to Sam's presence. Not once had the cabbie realised that Sam was even there.

Sam's David Bowie eyes watched with intrigue, watching her. A deep, soft sign of relief came over her, she found or felt something safe about those reflective eyes. It cast her reflection. Cecilia continued, avoiding any attention from the cabbie.

Cecilia Etta Murakami, Ce for short, or Etta was fine by her, is a videogame designer who had relocated to Tokyo about six months ago, she was originally from South Korea. She shared a strong resemblance to actress 손예진 – Son Ye-Jin. A free-spirited soul, extrovert with an congenial Ellen Page quality and height to her.

She was still thought-processing what Sam was as she continued to observe it, it's behaviour, as the cab drove past by fluorescent neon advertisements. Sam's head rotated facing the window as fluorescent from the ads grew bright over its face, especially over its glass eyes. An expression that seemed so childlike. She was amused. She darted her eyes back and forth, when it occurred to her to question Sam, the one out of the so many thoughts that shuffled through her head. She was about to lean closer towards Sam and whisper something, but Sam began to dematerialise. Her brows softly grew together as she watched Sam blur, she began to project slowly but visible through and then Sam fade away into tiny molecules, and… t-jump!

. . .

This piece is #trending on ReadWave! And has been receiving great praise on ReadWave, Storehouse for iPhone/iPad, & WordPress. Deeply humbled. Many thanks to all readers.

Irkadura; by Ksenia Anske – Book REVIEW

“My mama became a catfish when I was two, on the day I stopped talking.”

Meet Irina Myshko, or Irkadura. A considered mute idiot, since the only word that fell out of her mouth “Dura” after which her mothers palm kissed her cheek and simply, out of fear no words ever since pressed through a wall of lips. Her existence is often neglected by her mother since her birth. We discover as her complicated life unfolds, she has been sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriends.

Irina’s observation of the world, Soviet Russia where this narrative is set, around her cruel and brutally honest life revolves around her thoughts, and how she perceives and compares the appearance and nature of a human, by that of an animal. Take for example her mother, the “catfish”, her rapist boyfriend Lyosha Kabansky, the “boar”, which reveals their true nature. She refers to herself as the “mouse”. So when she finds herself a pregnant 16-yr-old teenager, she finds shaking courage one fine morning and escapes from her life of constant suffocation. Penniless and homeless, an outcast, Irkadura encounters many new people, with them follows different adventure(s) or situations. Her strange experiences on the streets eventually leads her to her arrival at The Chamber Theater, where her life changes for the best and worst.

What does the Soviet Russia present itself to Irkadura? A merciless city, horrifying cold. A society where the cruelest are the real beasts. Bloodshed paints the brutality of damaged psyche. The driving force of hypocrisy, misogyny, apathy & discrimination. Irina’s emotionally tormented life is darkly gritty, a labyrinth within which communalism plays a controversial part in her journey of self-discovery, especially the realisation of her trouble existence. Her constant fight against her debilitating numbness generated by her inner demons.

This is the fifth and 1st book I have read this year, written by the Twitter sensation, emerging author of this generation Ksenia Anske. This is Ksenia’s most difficult and darkest narrative she has ever devised, truly because she captures the life of the extremely harsh and terrifying nature of Soviet Russia, which I feel may be approached with controversy. Probably not.

She crafts a gritty world that also includes gay characters, such as Pavlik (the butterfly) & Kostya (the macaw). The first time I’ve read in a fiction the way such characters were portrayed, and I mean, not stereotyped. These are human characters, very much real. Their existence adds so much depth and importance to the narrative. Ksenia’s ability to construct and effectively conceive such challenging issues is highly commendable. She proves that she can handle any form of subject, with daring flair. Including the idea to cast a sexually abused character who doesn’t seem to speak, this in itself is a real challenge to convey Irkadura through thoughts and body language. This is the true trait of a gifted writer. Irkadura keeps the readers hooked throughout.

I leave you to discover the “Eaglet”, the real voice that keeps Irkadura inspired, and constantly questions her to rediscover herself throughout the narrative. This fiction has been excellently edited by the wondrous Colleen M. Albert, who had also edited Ksenia Anske’s very first book, the SIREN SUICIDES series.

Irkadura stays with you the moment you are introduced to her as a child. You are instantly connected to her as she through her self-generated predictions and honest thoughts begins to unfold and understand her new life. You fear for her wellbeing, and struggling circumstances. It’s emotionally powerful, as you find yourself reading to the end, which is both beautiful and tragic. Ksenia leaves the whole journey ambiguous to the readers imagination. This is truly Ksenia’s most challenging piece of fiction to date, one of her most darkest. It’s moving, brilliantly, tragically honest. Deep within the beauty of Irkadura there lies a heart, with a constellation of memorable characters.

5/5 — Profound.

. . .

Who is Ksenia Anske?

Ksenia Anske has been a full-time writer for a few years now. Her very first fiction, Siren Suicides gained her a huge popularity and a surge of fan followers around the globe. A true inspiration for readers and emerging writers. She has offered free digital version of the books, via Kindle, iBooks & many other publishers.

Her works include, the SIREN SUICIDES trilogy, ROSEHEAD, the recently released, IRKADURA, & CORNERS aimed for a 2015 release.

. . .

The cover image has been taken from the following link below. By wonderful and talented artist Ana Luísa Pinto (Luminous Photography). I contacted her via Facebook, and she agreed for me to feature the artcover. Deeply appreciate it. I wish her every success, and follow her intriguing work.

Here came Sam – Pt.2

Sam came equipped with a backpack, contained inside was an iPad, PS Vita, Rubik’s Cube, and a yoyo. The backpack, which was in fact moulded from Sam’s own body. Even project a t-shirt with imprints from inspirational music and films, or even videogames. Speaking of music, when an MP3 is playing through Bluetooth activated earbuds implanted deeper within its head, ear-areas, the lyrics project behind Sam’s t-shirt. Volume bars were replaced with hearing-aids like sensors that grew into a curve when the volume increased, and fall when it decreased.

Sam flash storage blocks are its “heart”, just like its CPU is its “brain”. Sam collects energy via solar power but also comes equipped with two batteries packs, positioned in right and left sides of its body, it’s “kidneys”.

But Sam wasn’t alone entirely, it came built-in with deactivated holographic versions, Samternates, as Sam dubbed them. They were once activated or a few times before actually, and when initiated, Sam once did a despairing Jason Miller’s Damien Karras, the holographic K. The Samternates played a key role for by causing distraction and that was how Sam had learned to t-jump. It was a pop, pop, t-jump, followed by a Legos-style Rubik’s cube, when Sam achieved the t-jump. Only until Sam reached its coordinates were the versions activated, probably as a result of some kind of malfunction. One of Sam’s most extraordinary abilities was its t-jump, teleport jump.

The ability to jump through time and location, with a silent pop transition, physically. Visually, Sam seems to dissolve into molecules, like Henry DeTamble’s genetical disorder. Through Sam’s eyes, the whole place fades to tiny molecules, but in reality, Sam actually fades away and rematerialises. If Sam closed its eyes, it seemed like travelling through a glowing portal. A few of the many abilities Sam has yet to discover.

A series of images were fast-forwarding rapidly, shuffling randomly like flashbacks of events, Sam’s flashbacks. Its storage memory bounced images like wireless transmissions. Sam was about to embank on a discovery in the real world, for the very first time. Once the flashbacks stopped abruptly and the coordinates became clear, Sam was nearly there now…

The blur melted away for a clear sight of the fields, like fading condensation, Sam had materialised.

Almost hidden away by the green-blonde knee high grass. Sam stood for awhile as the sun glared at it, it’s hand took cover. So, this is planet earth. Natural and saturated. With the knee-height of grass Sam gently elongated its neck-cord, waving out until it saw the woods further up ahead. Sam scanned the location, how? It’s right eye dilated, a fisheye wide-shot, as it’s head circled capturing a 360-degree panoramic view.

Once Sam had scanned the area, it began to run through the grass, with its head still hung over the grass. Sam headed towards the woods.

Here came Sam – Pt.1

Here came Sam… wait, who is Sam?
Or what is Sam?

Sam is an artificial intelligence, an alien body, or probably a hybrid of the two. A benign kind, that actually learns, adapts, and develops a distinct sense of humour. Nothing like Hal 9000, you know the sinister supercomputer of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Think something cross between Wall-E and CJ7 (the cuddly alien that transformed from an orb, with extraordinary powers). Considering the many forms of AI projected in TV and books, Sam was a positive form of one. Like wise-ass Jolie Ann Harmony’s beautiful but creepy, scummy AI friend, Mr. Mystery a.k.a Ed of Odd Interlude series. Engineered by machine but developed by human. Anyway, so its called Sam, that’s its name. But why Sam? After having watched Demi Moore’s Molly Jensen call out to Patrick Swayze’s Sam Wheat, Sam seemed fine, it just seemed perfectly fit simply put. No person gave it a name, Sam dubbed itself, Sam.

What did Sam look like by appearance? Well, Sam is quite human-like, theoretical speaking, two bulbous eyes, a lime-jelly ball for a head with two icons imprinted behind it’s head like tattoos, wifi and bluetooth, that flicker when in use. Slender cord arms, and neck, both flexible and quite stretchy. A palm with three twig-like fingers of which, marble like balls were it’s fingertips. It’s head featured a built-in transparent looking, artificial, synthetic frontal lobe, within which there was its mental CPU processor-it’s brain. A head that could actually pop out of its position, bounce, roll and Sam could still take control.

Sam was never intended for an implanted voice box for unknown reasons, so instead of delivering speech, Sam popped word-bubbles over its head for means of communication. But, Sam has delivered a profanitype-expressed swear bubble once.

It could “dream” in digital when in hibernation mode, on some occasions, Sam visualised them like they a videotape. Kind of like in #Fringe season 5, Olivia, Walter and Peter were provided instructions, in this case, dreaming provided Sam to upgrade. For Sam, digital dreaming was a means to collect and interpret information via the internet, digital films, random YouTube clips and MP3′s, collecting images that could form into dreams. Put them together like it were a motion picture and elaborate, come to a sense of understanding. Sam dubbed this process the CCE, Collect, Create & Elaborate.

Sam’s a fan of the art-rock music icon, David Bowie, to the extent of mimicking the pupil dilation eyes, that also doubled for a sight camera, flash from the left and capture with the right. Probably do some stills and upload to Instagram.