Here came Sam – Pt.1

Here came Sam… wait, who is Sam?
Or what is Sam?

Sam is an artificial intelligence, an alien body, or probably a hybrid of the two. A benign kind, that actually learns, adapts, and develops a distinct sense of humour. Nothing like Hal 9000, you know the sinister supercomputer of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Think something cross between Wall-E and CJ7 (the cuddly alien that transformed from an orb, with extraordinary powers). Considering the many forms of AI projected in TV and books, Sam was a positive form of one. Like wise-ass Jolie Ann Harmony’s beautiful but creepy, scummy AI friend, Mr. Mystery a.k.a Ed of Odd Interlude series. Engineered by machine but developed by human. Anyway, so its called Sam, that’s its name. But why Sam? After having watched Demi Moore’s Molly Jensen call out to Patrick Swayze’s Sam Wheat, Sam seemed fine, it just seemed perfectly fit simply put. No person gave it a name, Sam dubbed itself, Sam.

What did Sam look like by appearance? Well, Sam is quite human-like, theoretical speaking, two bulbous eyes, a lime-jelly ball for a head with two icons imprinted behind it’s head like tattoos, wifi and bluetooth, that flicker when in use. Slender cord arms, and neck, both flexible and quite stretchy. A palm with three twig-like fingers of which, marble like balls were it’s fingertips. It’s head featured a built-in transparent looking, artificial, synthetic frontal lobe, within which there was its mental CPU processor-it’s brain. A head that could actually pop out of its position, bounce, roll and Sam could still take control.

Sam was never intended for an implanted voice box for unknown reasons, so instead of delivering speech, Sam popped word-bubbles over its head for means of communication. But, Sam has delivered a profanitype-expressed swear bubble once.

It could “dream” in digital when in hibernation mode, on some occasions, Sam visualised them like they a videotape. Kind of like in #Fringe season 5, Olivia, Walter and Peter were provided instructions, in this case, dreaming provided Sam to upgrade. For Sam, digital dreaming was a means to collect and interpret information via the internet, digital films, random YouTube clips and MP3′s, collecting images that could form into dreams. Put them together like it were a motion picture and elaborate, come to a sense of understanding. Sam dubbed this process the CCE, Collect, Create & Elaborate.

Sam’s a fan of the art-rock music icon, David Bowie, to the extent of mimicking the pupil dilation eyes, that also doubled for a sight camera, flash from the left and capture with the right. Probably do some stills and upload to Instagram.


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