Here came Sam – Pt.2

Sam came equipped with a backpack, contained inside was an iPad, PS Vita, Rubik’s Cube, and a yoyo. The backpack, which was in fact moulded from Sam’s own body. Even project a t-shirt with imprints from inspirational music and films, or even videogames. Speaking of music, when an MP3 is playing through Bluetooth activated earbuds implanted deeper within its head, ear-areas, the lyrics project behind Sam’s t-shirt. Volume bars were replaced with hearing-aids like sensors that grew into a curve when the volume increased, and fall when it decreased.

Sam flash storage blocks are its “heart”, just like its CPU is its “brain”. Sam collects energy via solar power but also comes equipped with two batteries packs, positioned in right and left sides of its body, it’s “kidneys”.

But Sam wasn’t alone entirely, it came built-in with deactivated holographic versions, Samternates, as Sam dubbed them. They were once activated or a few times before actually, and when initiated, Sam once did a despairing Jason Miller’s Damien Karras, the holographic K. The Samternates played a key role for by causing distraction and that was how Sam had learned to t-jump. It was a pop, pop, t-jump, followed by a Legos-style Rubik’s cube, when Sam achieved the t-jump. Only until Sam reached its coordinates were the versions activated, probably as a result of some kind of malfunction. One of Sam’s most extraordinary abilities was its t-jump, teleport jump.

The ability to jump through time and location, with a silent pop transition, physically. Visually, Sam seems to dissolve into molecules, like Henry DeTamble’s genetical disorder. Through Sam’s eyes, the whole place fades to tiny molecules, but in reality, Sam actually fades away and rematerialises. If Sam closed its eyes, it seemed like travelling through a glowing portal. A few of the many abilities Sam has yet to discover.

A series of images were fast-forwarding rapidly, shuffling randomly like flashbacks of events, Sam’s flashbacks. Its storage memory bounced images like wireless transmissions. Sam was about to embank on a discovery in the real world, for the very first time. Once the flashbacks stopped abruptly and the coordinates became clear, Sam was nearly there now…

The blur melted away for a clear sight of the fields, like fading condensation, Sam had materialised.

Almost hidden away by the green-blonde knee high grass. Sam stood for awhile as the sun glared at it, it’s hand took cover. So, this is planet earth. Natural and saturated. With the knee-height of grass Sam gently elongated its neck-cord, waving out until it saw the woods further up ahead. Sam scanned the location, how? It’s right eye dilated, a fisheye wide-shot, as it’s head circled capturing a 360-degree panoramic view.

Once Sam had scanned the area, it began to run through the grass, with its head still hung over the grass. Sam headed towards the woods.


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