Welcome! — Update

The coordinates were set on the iPad just before Sam made the teleport jump. And here came the t-jump!

세실리아 무라카미 – Cecilia Murakami had just called in a cab, she pulled the door open. There was a decorated side on the door that read “I ❤ New Tokyo". New-imprinted within a red heart shape. She had been carrying her leather handbag, which was resting on her forearm whilst she was holding a decaf in one hand, and an iPad in the other. Making her way home. She edged inwards, avoiding to bump her head. Cecilia sat in the back passenger seat, when she was instantly startled. Her brows raised, eyes wide open from disbelief, she paused and waited to register this much more accordingly.

"환영 합니다." pop came a bubble of text.
– Welcome.

Sam had arrived, its CJ7 t-shirt emblazonment his attitude, held between its hands was a Rubik's cube, Sam was now in Tokyo Metropolis. A thriving, ultramodern megalopolis. Sam was the real foreign-time-traveller here. Remember that Inception-style illusion Sam once dreamt of or had projected, well this was real, Sam was finally here.

Cecilia continued to watch, until a soft smile grew over its face. Sam suddenly returned a smile. A smiling AI, really? Like that was possible. Sam had in fact studied via dreaming about human interaction, the psychology behind positive and negative behaviour. Metaphorically speaking, it was like electric charged ions. It was benign for sure.

Was this really for real? From what it seemed by appearance, Cecilia wandered it was a prank, a child dressed up in a costume. If not, it was probably an interactive toy it seemed so much like one. She turned towards the cabbie and then back at Sam, and had realised that the cabbie was unknown to Sam's presence. Not once had the cabbie realised that Sam was even there.

Sam's David Bowie eyes watched with intrigue, watching her. A deep, soft sign of relief came over her, she found or felt something safe about those reflective eyes. It cast her reflection. Cecilia continued, avoiding any attention from the cabbie.

Cecilia Etta Murakami, Ce for short, or Etta was fine by her, is a videogame designer who had relocated to Tokyo about six months ago, she was originally from South Korea. She shared a strong resemblance to actress 손예진 – Son Ye-Jin. A free-spirited soul, extrovert with an congenial Ellen Page quality and height to her.

She was still thought-processing what Sam was as she continued to observe it, it's behaviour, as the cab drove past by fluorescent neon advertisements. Sam's head rotated facing the window as fluorescent from the ads grew bright over its face, especially over its glass eyes. An expression that seemed so childlike. She was amused. She darted her eyes back and forth, when it occurred to her to question Sam, the one out of the so many thoughts that shuffled through her head. She was about to lean closer towards Sam and whisper something, but Sam began to dematerialise. Her brows softly grew together as she watched Sam blur, she began to project slowly but visible through and then Sam fade away into tiny molecules, and… t-jump!

. . .

This piece is #trending on ReadWave! And has been receiving great praise on ReadWave, Storehouse for iPhone/iPad, & WordPress. Deeply humbled. Many thanks to all readers.


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