Here comes the Rickshawali — Interview

Hello dear friends, I introduce todays post with an interview of a very dear friend, who I met through YouTube, at the time, she had only just released her 3rd video. And after liking, commenting and sharing her quirky material, with added hilarious, enthusiastic energy. I contacted her via Twitter. At first, I would seem like a creepy, Especially when strangers make a connection, and your tweets come in a series like you were spamming.

The very first observation of making that connection. I had words of praise for her attempt at crafting creative material for YouTubers. For everyone actually. In India the most popular TV series is Bigg Boss, due to controversial reasons I add. And here, I found a new kind of freshness, the modern memes of the social media integrated. She utilized this in such an effective way, her videos should be viral. A new YouTube sensation, hopefully soon.

Hollywood meet Bollywood. Armed with her stuff animal friends Karan, Shakti & Johnny (nope, not Johnny Depp or Johnny Mnemonic). Here comes Mumbai’s globetrotter, Hinglish speaking the Rickshawali, may you awesomely introduce your wonderful self madam. The girl with the sparkling Amélie-eyes. Did I mention she’s a huge fan of the highly commendable Bollywood actor Salman Khan. 

Who is Rickshawali or should I ask, what is the Rickshawali?

Hahahahaha Thank you so much for your awesome introduction. You’ve captured exactly the right nuances of me and my channel for my introduction. I feel very much humbled by it so thank you so much for it.

Who is the Rickshawali! Well, Rickshawali is a fun, happy and quirky charachter I play in my show who travels around in a Ricksha and talks about all things positive and fun in life like having interviews, giving positive movie reviews (Rickshawali loves Bollywood), talking about all sorts of funny things which matter to her and of course a big chunk of it is filled by my love for salman! 🙂

How did the idea of making videos on YouTube came about? — Where do you find inspiration to create, if any?

I have been making videos since many years now. From funny birthday videos and wedding videos for friends and family, the art of editing always inspired me! Then I started making funny, cute videos of myself wherever I travelled. I’ve always known the existence of Youtube and started putting those travel videos on YouTube to share my experience and always kept a funny touch to it, and seeing that people kept watching those videos I kept making more and more!

I find inspiration in people, in happiness, in wanting to give something back! I always had the need to make people happy and to put a smile on their face! That alone gives me inspiration! I am happy that I am able to do it now, even if it’s just for a few minutes!

Could you walk us through your editing process? You also add funny animations. How long does it take to fully complete one video?

Editing is quite a long and tedious job. Mostly it takes me between 5–10 hours to complete 1 video, sometimes more, depending on the subject and the style I shot the video. If you don’t like editing you’ll most probably hate it. The worst part of the edit is the first cut. That’s the most boring and irritating process since you have to chuck out all the extra parts first. After that starts the real fun where your video starts taking shape and I start putting texts and small effects on the videos to compliment of what I am saying actually. The animations completes the video in a very playful way, at least I think.

Your videos, I’ve come to know, not just present lighthearted entertainment but also address themes of awareness and education, the current conditions or events that take place around the globe. You voice your opinions. Why so?

I feel it’s important in a time like this where so many problems and issues are happening around the globe about religion, caste, gender inequality and most importantly rape. I feel very strongly about certain topics and feel I should share it for other people to maybe learn or understand or even share their experiences or thoughts about it. But that doesn’t mean they have to agree to what I feel. There is always room for discussion and everyone has their own opinion about it.

To elaborate, considering voicing ones opinions over controversial issues, the arguments and contradictions that follow. Does it frighten or intimidate you in anyway?

Not at all. In fact it’s sad to see how many people are still living in a time which is 50 years backwards. Which doesn’t mean I disrespect culture, rituals and norms. But I feel encouraged to do even more videos about my opinion and share my views about certain things to bring about some type of change at least, even if it’s just very small. But yet again, I don’t push anyone to agree with me.

I want to add, myself and Rickshawali have had a series of discussions regarding issues that carry controversial arguments, and not once does she hesitant to speak what she believes in. And never does she force her opinions over you. Most respectful of other’s views. The many times I’ve tweeted to her and communicated opinions on Google+.

How do you feel about social media platforms, is expressing creative work much easier or difficult? Is the future brighter for YouTubers like yourself?

Yes, about 139% it’s brighter. 🙂 But to answer your first question, today social media has taken such an important part of our life. We can’t live without our phones anymore (which in one way is very sad ) but the great thing about it is that spreading your work and creativity is so much easier today! Twitter, Instagram, facebook and Youtube! You can share your work and someone or the other will see it! But yes, it’s takes some time till people actually take the time to read your tweets or share your work. This takes consistency and persistence and hopefully eventually people will get to see your work and creativity and you Aamir have been the most wonderful and helpful person and the one who has always supported me in my journey, thank you again for that!

To go on to the second question, today youtube in the United States or many other countries like Australia or Singapore is enormously big. India is still picking up but trying to grow as fast as it can. Today, we maybe have 10 big people on Youtube like AIB or even Scherezade Shroff but the real youtube boom in India is picking up now. Last year was the first big youtube Fan Fest in India where all the big Youtubers from abroad came like Bethany Mota or Superwoman.

It is a new form of source of entertainment and people in India are still very new to it although the contradictive side to it is that India is actually where IT is born! But yes, everyday more and more people are seeing Youtube as a more convenient way to spend their leisure time with so hopefully soon Youtube India will also be having millions of great Youtubers who are making great content.

How do you feel about your videos? I’m highly aware your videos are coming into existence, are you satisfied with how things have come to be?

If I wouldn’t love my videos, I wouldn’t make them. I always wanted to make good content with high quality. Content which is important but yet funny.

Youtube is like a process, like any business is.. You learn as you do! Sadly till now there is not a Youtube degree available! 🙂 But yes, it’s interesting to see how I have evolved from my first video more than a year back!

Any current plans for 2015?

One line for that: More AWESOME Content!

Any message for emerging artists, or those with a keen interest in becoming YouTuber? Words of inspiration.

Do what you love doing. You will only succeed if you believe in yourself and work very hard! But most important of all: Persistence. Just keep on doing what you are doing, if you love doing it. Success will follow eventually. I kept reading about this when other people used to say it or write about exactly the same thing as I mentioned and I can only agree to it. 

As for Youtube, now is the right time to start when Youtube is still growing. If you have something interesting to share or have good visual content but don’t have the money or the producer to back it, Youtube is a great option. But again, success doesn’t come by putting up one video and hoping you’ll get the viral hit in an instance without doing anything for it. If the content is good and you work hard, people will find you… Eventually most DEFINATELY! 🙂

Rickshawali, I congratulate you on your 1st year as a amazing YouTuber! my blessings are with you always dearest friend and wonderful human being. I deeply hope, and pray that you have an exciting and prosperous 2015! Soon to be YouTube sensation, my infinite support and friendship is with you, always. She is an important voice, a relevant one in today’s times. Thank you so much for your friendship lovely lady.

Dear friends do check out her YouTube channel, follow her on FaceBook, Twitter & Instagram. I would like to mention this Friday the awesome Rickshawali will be collaborating with a friend, a YouTube sensation. A funny collaboration, do check it out!

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The cover art has been taken from the following link below, I contacted the artist, Parinita Salian. She was wonderful, and instantly accepted for me to feature her image. Thank her kindly for this amazing gesture. Wish her all the very best!


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