Memory Lane

A small plant laid resting on the centre of Sam’s palm, it had found on the foot of the corner pavement. It’s single pupil dilated with intrigue as Sam stared at it, yet avoiding any attention. Sam hadn’t seen anything like it, only read up about plant life on the Internet. In the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Sam was now in “Memory Lane” or also informally known as “Piss Alley”. A brightly vibrant market cramped with tightly stuffed small shops, with rectangular, curve edged balloon-like shop labels afloat.

The imprinted black labels glowed brightly from the lamp that was enclosed within them. The pathway was wide enough for a single person. Quite a claustrophobic space it would seem for an Otaku, those that preferred the opposite. Despite this, it had quite a dingy personality to it.

A camera flash bounced from Sam’s left, un-dilated eye, and snap! Sam had captured a high-resolution image of “photosynthetic life”. One of the few functions Sam had learned to tap into, since its t-jump escape. The image was instantly stored to Sam’s heart flash-storage. Sam rotated it backpack over its chest, in front of it, unzipped and slowly placed the small plant inside and then positioned the backpack after zipping it closed. Sam was ready to leave. But was interrupted when a drunk approached, made his way towards Sam. Sam began calculating probabilities of the drunk changing direction, it seemed quite unlikely. What was Sam’s response, a holographic image initiated to project from a large pothole in front.

Heather O’Rourke’s Carol Anne Freeling suddenly thrust forward head and arms out from the wet puddle in front of the drunk, with voice effects echoing out from Sam loudspeakers. His mouth stretched wide open with trepidation almost about to allow a scream to escape and his brows raised one over the other. Flash-snap!

This was quite a #Photobomb moment Sam registered. The drunk man ran screaming with disbelief and baffled, like he’d seen a ghost for real. When everyone edged out of their cubicle markets to investigate what had happened, t-jump!


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