Found her, Cecilia

– Hi.

Sam had now t-jumped back into the same cab, which was still moving. Coincidently, Cecilia was still here too, her ears plug with earphones. She seemed to be listening to an unabridged audiobook of Haruki Murakami’s phenomenal 1Q84 on her iPad rest on her lap, the white bezel version. When she jumped with fright just as Sam t-jumped beside her. A scream almost escaped her throat. When the cabbie stared at her reflection in the rear-view mirror and questioned with curiosity, she quickly nodded away any suspicions.

Cecilia chuckled quietly from within, at herself as she gently pulled the earphones out from her ears. Her brows softly grew closer, almost squashing together, and she smiled. She’d realised that since Sam was projecting bubbles in Korean, she probably didn’t need to speak, or whisper in English. Even tho she could speak English very well though.

“나는 세실리아.” She whispered.
– I’m Cecilia.

“난 샘.”
– I am Sam.

Positioning its finger over its mouth, Sam gestured to remain quiet. Cecilia blinked with both eyes, that was fine by her. A small cord edged out from Sam’s head, right side, the antenna. And with that, Sam began to intercept transmission with the radio inserted in the cab. The radio began giving off crackling noises. Enough the interrupt the cabbies attention, with a hand slam against the radio.

“내가 했 어이 똥 수리 6 번 처럼! 다시 재생.”
– I’ve had this shit repaired, like 6 times! Playing up again.

The cabbie wasn’t in the mood today. Cecilia began laughing, and the cabbie turned to towards her.

“너무 재 밌는 무엇입니까?”
– What’s so funny? He wasn’t amused at all.

“그것은 지금 7 시간에 대 한 수리를 해야 합니다.”
– You’ll need to have it repaired for the 7th time now. Cecilia teased.

“샘은 그렇게, 지금?… 같은 애 태우는 거 야. 재미 있지만.”
– Sam is doing that, right?… you’re such a tease. Funny though. She whispered to Sam.


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