Hope — A Suspenseful Short Story

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Dionne Lister - Author

I haven’t posted in way too long. Sorry about that. This is a short story I wrote a couple of years ago, and it was supposed to find its way into a friend’s magazine, but the magazine is on hold, so I decided to post it here. It’s not my best work, but it will make you think, I hope.


Hope stared at her son. It was hard not to panic. She wanted to run around screaming, “They’re coming! They’re coming! Save yourselves.” She stood, legs twitching in denial of her instincts. Her son looked lovingly into her eyes. He trusted her and was happy, and she was grateful for that.

Her gaze nervously flicked between the only way out and her child. What time would they come? She looked around at the other mothers with their children and wondered how they felt, knowing what was coming? Every…

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Leonard Nimoy, ‘Star Trek’s’ Spock

— What was my first memory of Leonard Nimoy?

After having learnt of the passing a true legend, Leonard Nimoy, I reflect back at what I can recall as a child. I was first introduced to the science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek, as a little child. The very first episode that originally aired on Sept. 8, 1966. This was early, 90’s for me. Extremely startled at the sight of a half-human and half-Vulcan creature was the name of Mr. Spock. It was the pointy ears, that had me frighteningly intrigued.Was he human? Or a science experiment, some of my earlier thoughts, and the many more that came after. It was jarring. I hadn’t seen anything like Star Trek, the kind of space science material, I was too young to understand what it was really about. But it had me intrigued. I began watching it only to watch the expansion of Mr. Spock’s character development, the intensity of character projection. One of the iconic characters in television history.

Who could forget the famous ‘Vulcan Salute’, which when I first it performed in the TV show, I actually believed it meant something for real.


“I went through a definite identity crisis. The question was whether to embrace Mr. Spock or to fight the onslaught of public interest. I realize now that I really had no choice in the matter. Spock and Star Trek were very much alive and there wasn’t anything that I could do to change that.” — Autobiography, Volume One, I Am Not Spock (1975)

But at that time, I hadn’t known that Spock was portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, I actually believed, that probably a creature really did exist, or something as similar. I was fascinated. Highly. The second performance I had seen but didn’t that Spock was indeed Leonard Nimoy, Philip Kaufman’s 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Without the Spock make-up and outfit. But even then I hadn’t known Leonard Nimoy, his real appearance. Leonard Nimoy as Dr. David Kibner took you by surprise.

This shocking, unsettling narrative became not just a cult classic film, but one of my instant all-time favorites. The jarring nature of suspenseful terror was potent, with elevated tone and effect.

Of recent times, one of his last major roles, I was excited to learn more about Leonard Nimoy. When he played the brilliant but demented and mysterious scientist William Bell, colleague to John Noble’s Walter Bishop, in the sci-fi TV series Fringe. The series that has been described as a hybrid of The X-Files, Altered States, and The Twilight Zone. He couldn’t resist to returning to Fringe later, as a villain, an evil version of William Bell. He enjoyed the”theatricality” of playing a villain. And like myself, he loved the TV series.


“I think Fringe is a wildly imaginative show. The writers, creators and producers of the show are very bright and very theatrical. All the characters are fleshed out wonderfully and the chemistry between the cast is terrific. I wanted to be a part of this project.” — Leonard Nimoy on Fringe.

I deeply believe this is one of his finest characters in the history of television, with which, for me, will be the most remembered. I’m glad he shone even brightly in his last major roles. I loved Leonard Nimoy as William Bell, what he added to the equation was powerful. This is the perfect tribute of a true legend. Farewell Sir. You were a screen gem.

Susan Nimoy, Leonard Nimoy

— M. Aamir

#BadRobot Sam

Sam was still receiving upgrade data, but was it still possible?
Considering it escaped the source.

Sam had in fact, hacked into their security system via a Black Hat violation method. Under random aliases. Right now, Sam was “Wasp”. Even bypassed Honeypot-a trap set up by computer security personnel to detect, deflect or counteract such forms of violation. And then transferring a Trojan Horse, allowing Sam to set-up a back door to gain further assess.

A yellow-eyed, red robot running through the bushes then pausing at the screen, would shout #BadRobot after the credits of a TV show.

Chewing through those holographic M&Ms until the last bite. Left, un-dilating red eye light. Right dilating, zoom recording eye. Video logging was accessible. Including Night Vision and illuminated white-light. LED-Light emitting diodes. And even zoom to a specimens cellular levels like a microscope. Sam would be able to transfer video logs to Cecilia’s MacBook Pro, like a video diary.

The David Bowie pupils snap wide open, dilating, lying flat on the grass like a crash survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 passenger. #Lost.

Sam was in the uncharted Amazon basin. The mouth of the Amazon river considered the second longest on the world. Sam sat up and with a circling head rotation, Sam had captured a 360-degree panoramic view of the rainforest. Sam pulled out Cecilia’s handheld camera from its backpack, switched on, mounted it high onto its shoulder and went exploring this “island”.

Staring with extreme enthusiasm at a singular large, smooth oral leave of which drops of rain stood in the centre. Held by the thick waxy surface. Bright lime colour. Depending on the concentrations of solar energy collected via photosynthesis, leaves were either smaller or larger. Vlogging > initiated.

Sam pressed with the tip of its fingertip onto the centre of the leave. A drop came rolling down from it’s drip tip point a small splash landed onto Sam’s palm. This was real, quite like the small plant Sam had found in “Memory Lane”, which was still healthy at Cecilia’s place.

The Amazon rainforest was humid and warm, leaves shined with a lime-tinge saturation from the sunlight. Passing through the leaves it was like a maze of branches and leaves. It could “swallow” you, despite one would call this, breathtaking.

Sam greets The Eiffel Tower

A hand reached out towards the black sky, as bright orange scintillating illuminance stretched far out into the sky.

The view projected brightly from the upper part of the metal latticework structure of a towering pillar. The next arriving t-jump, Champ de Mars in Paris. Sam was laying flat on the second floor roof of a height of 116m-about 37 storeys high, La Tour Eiffel. Once considered a ugly monstrosity it suddenly become a phenomenal tourist attraction. Whilst “chewing” on holographic M&M’s, a new found way to express upgrades Sam continued to watch the illuminance.

Paris’ very own “City of Lights” comprised of 336 light projectors and 20,000 sparkling strobe lights. This was midnight in Paris. Sam even wore a t-shirt imprinted with Woody Allen’s award-winning romantic, comedy-fantasy poster. Very befitting.

Right dilating zoom and camera-flash capture of the left. The illuminance had shimmered over Sam’s bulbous David Bowie eyes and face like floodlights. If the Eiffel Tower were an AI pod, the kind found in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, those strobe lights were its chips. Sam did register this was not the case, here. Just when Sam pointed the tip of its index finger over a strobe light, it sent an electric pulse flicker at the centre of the light. Flashing on/off several times, and then the rest of the lights began jiggling, dancing randomly drawing attention towards the crowd present at the occasion.

This continued for awhile until the pulse sent a fuse down all of those lights, until they all stopped working. Sam’s warped reflection projected on a bulb-a large head stood still, with dilated conspicuous pupils.

“Oups.” Sam t-jumped!
– oops.

Multiple imitations. Sam, and Samternates.

She wore a t-shirt imprinted with the 2006 South Korean sci-fi horror, 괴물 – The Host, sat down to watch a film later. Sam joined her. After which, Cecilia watched the holographic Sams’ be their usually self. Sam dubbed for alternative versions of itself, Samternates. Like Walter and his alternative version, Walternate from the TV show Fringe. A PS Vita playing Sam and a Rubik-solving Sam.

Lights on, curtains closed, she didn’t want to jeopardise Sam’s presence. Considering that any form of media got involved, what would come of Sam. She observed whilst chewing from a small pouch of M&M’s in the bedroom, the chocolate kind, she wasn’t a peanut fan really. Positioned further away from the bed, Sam’s head mimicked a Cathode ray tube. Sam could shake off the mould in a second back to normal head. Glowing bright as it were, a hologram of Carol Anne projected in front, hands spaced out against the screen.

Think the next best variation imitated, one of the most frightening villains in computer and video games… Silent Hill’s ironic character, the Pyramid Head. Here came the head.

“당신은 아주 좋은 거 야”
– You’re quite good. Cecilia informed.

– Thank you.

Winter Came

By a dear friend. She is wonderful. : )

Written by Ay

Winter Sunrise

Winter came
and I wanted
a way out
Because Spring
wouldn’t last long enough

I made it though snow
picked up by a
wagon train
and passed Springtime
sleeping through the

I’ve met others on the road
Other travelers headed
to Summer, or somewhere
or drier
or wetter

But this train still passes
them by
and I wonder
If I
should jump while I can still

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Where Do You Want To Be One Year From Now?

Wonderful dearest Clarabelle. : )


one year from now

4 Questions with Fulfilling Answers

  1. Where do you want to be one year from now?
  2. What do you want to have achieved for yourself one year from now?
  3. How are you going to make it happen?
  4. What will it feel like/be like for you when you get there?

The above questions are questions I have been asking myself lately and it is so important for me that I address them. You see if I don’t ask myself these questions I may be tempted to “drift” I may easily keep on doing what I’ve always been doing and then hey, I’ll get what I’ve always got.

So you see, you and I, if we want to change our lives for the better, if we want to challenge ourselves to a more aspiring life, a more fulfilling vision, then we must ask ourselves these 4 questions and we must take steps daily…

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A Poem in Honor of Our Three Winners

Powerful. Profound.

Vehicle of Wisdom

This crime was different.
It’s woken us up.
An entire nation has risen
to say enough is enough.

Hate crime or not,
we may never know
but it’s brought an issue to light
that we can’t afford to let go.

This tragedy touched many
It could’ve been me, you, or him.
The guy in line behind us
or the girl at the gym.

When we focus on differences
all of us lose.
Black, white, or grey
We all could improve.

We ought to be stopping
those who perpetuate hate.
The issue only gets more urgent
until it is too late.

We must stop the media
who pits us against them
and the psychotic extremists
who really just need a friend.

See, not one of us knows for certain.
All we have is our beliefs
and they’re as precious as jewels,
even to faithless thieves…

Who try to steal our homes,

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