Sam, Cecilia bubble-speech introductions

Sam remained with Cecilia until the cab dropped her off to her apartment, compact within a condominium building. When the cab drove off, Cecilia stood quietly with Sam beside her. She steered her heads towards it and then made her way towards her apartment. She walked a flight of stairs until she reached her apartment, and Sam followed, like it were a child.

“샘 집 있나요?… 어딘가에 다시 갈 수 있습니다?”
– Does Sam have a home?… Somewhere you could go back too?

She wandered, but in instant she’d come to believe that Sam had no home, since t-jumping in random places was clearly the confirmation.

“샘은 집.”
– Sam has no home.

She brushed her hair behind her ear, uncertain whether if inviting Sam into her flat was a good or rather, a safe idea. A soft sigh, she went on a hunch, fished through her pockets for her keys and entered her apartment. She held the door open but Sam was there one moment, and the next t-jumped inside the flat, beside her.

“샘, 많이, 당신이 하지 않는?…”
– Sam, does that a lot, don’t you?…

– Umm…

“그래서… 어쨌든, 이것은 세실리아의 아파트… 환영 합니다!
– So… Anyway, this is Cecilia’s apartment… Welcome!

Once inside, Sam’s pop bubbles and holographic video projections had explained everything to her. From developing a REM sleep-like digital dreaming, a way in which Sam could collect and interpret research. Sam explained that it was through trial and error that it was able to t-jump. One time, or for the first time, Sam escaped from such a white, void kind of place via the t-jump, from the source from which it was engineered. After having calculated probabilities of being dismantled. The Legos-Rubik and t-jumping Samternates distraction.

Sam also explained about its holographic versions, and even managed to activate them, two versions. Basically, a few of its technological functions. Sam was maybe some kind of an alien, Cecilia thought at first. E.T. Something like that but not quite like that in appearance, Sam didn’t seem freaky-looking.

“그래서, 당신은 샘?… 샘은 어디에서 왔을까?…”
– So, you’re Sam?… Where did Sam come from?…

“샘 소스에서 왔다.”
– Sam came from the source.
Sam paused, and then elaborated further.

“원본, 그것은 같은 상자입니다. 무효 이며 매우 유백색 백색.”
– The source, it’s like a box. Void and very milky-white.

“왜? 내 말은, 왼쪽… 탈출? 군사 훈련, 그것 같은 것이 었는?”
– Why? I mean, left for… escaped? Was it a military exercise, something like that?
Cecilia had instantly realised Sam was possibly engineered by this “SOURCE”.

“샘 테스트 과정을 받았다. 절차 후 샘은 해체를.”
– Sam underwent a testing process. After the procedure, Sam was to be dismantled.

“해체… 왜?”
– Dismantled… Why?
Cecilia softly darted her eyes back and forth at Sam’s both eyes. Like it were human, or alien. Those eyes seemed so real to her.

“샘 보유 정서 엔진, 센서 관심사의 생체 신호를 방출. 높은 확율을 해체.”
– Sam possesses an EMOTION ENGINE, sensors emitted vital signs of concern. High probabilities of dismantle.


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