Multiple imitations. Sam, and Samternates.

She wore a t-shirt imprinted with the 2006 South Korean sci-fi horror, 괴물 – The Host, sat down to watch a film later. Sam joined her. After which, Cecilia watched the holographic Sams’ be their usually self. Sam dubbed for alternative versions of itself, Samternates. Like Walter and his alternative version, Walternate from the TV show Fringe. A PS Vita playing Sam and a Rubik-solving Sam.

Lights on, curtains closed, she didn’t want to jeopardise Sam’s presence. Considering that any form of media got involved, what would come of Sam. She observed whilst chewing from a small pouch of M&M’s in the bedroom, the chocolate kind, she wasn’t a peanut fan really. Positioned further away from the bed, Sam’s head mimicked a Cathode ray tube. Sam could shake off the mould in a second back to normal head. Glowing bright as it were, a hologram of Carol Anne projected in front, hands spaced out against the screen.

Think the next best variation imitated, one of the most frightening villains in computer and video games… Silent Hill’s ironic character, the Pyramid Head. Here came the head.

“당신은 아주 좋은 거 야”
– You’re quite good. Cecilia informed.

– Thank you.


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