Sam greets The Eiffel Tower

A hand reached out towards the black sky, as bright orange scintillating illuminance stretched far out into the sky.

The view projected brightly from the upper part of the metal latticework structure of a towering pillar. The next arriving t-jump, Champ de Mars in Paris. Sam was laying flat on the second floor roof of a height of 116m-about 37 storeys high, La Tour Eiffel. Once considered a ugly monstrosity it suddenly become a phenomenal tourist attraction. Whilst “chewing” on holographic M&M’s, a new found way to express upgrades Sam continued to watch the illuminance.

Paris’ very own “City of Lights” comprised of 336 light projectors and 20,000 sparkling strobe lights. This was midnight in Paris. Sam even wore a t-shirt imprinted with Woody Allen’s award-winning romantic, comedy-fantasy poster. Very befitting.

Right dilating zoom and camera-flash capture of the left. The illuminance had shimmered over Sam’s bulbous David Bowie eyes and face like floodlights. If the Eiffel Tower were an AI pod, the kind found in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, those strobe lights were its chips. Sam did register this was not the case, here. Just when Sam pointed the tip of its index finger over a strobe light, it sent an electric pulse flicker at the centre of the light. Flashing on/off several times, and then the rest of the lights began jiggling, dancing randomly drawing attention towards the crowd present at the occasion.

This continued for awhile until the pulse sent a fuse down all of those lights, until they all stopped working. Sam’s warped reflection projected on a bulb-a large head stood still, with dilated conspicuous pupils.

“Oups.” Sam t-jumped!
– oops.


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