#BadRobot Sam

Sam was still receiving upgrade data, but was it still possible?
Considering it escaped the source.

Sam had in fact, hacked into their security system via a Black Hat violation method. Under random aliases. Right now, Sam was “Wasp”. Even bypassed Honeypot-a trap set up by computer security personnel to detect, deflect or counteract such forms of violation. And then transferring a Trojan Horse, allowing Sam to set-up a back door to gain further assess.

A yellow-eyed, red robot running through the bushes then pausing at the screen, would shout #BadRobot after the credits of a TV show.

Chewing through those holographic M&Ms until the last bite. Left, un-dilating red eye light. Right dilating, zoom recording eye. Video logging was accessible. Including Night Vision and illuminated white-light. LED-Light emitting diodes. And even zoom to a specimens cellular levels like a microscope. Sam would be able to transfer video logs to Cecilia’s MacBook Pro, like a video diary.

The David Bowie pupils snap wide open, dilating, lying flat on the grass like a crash survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 passenger. #Lost.

Sam was in the uncharted Amazon basin. The mouth of the Amazon river considered the second longest on the world. Sam sat up and with a circling head rotation, Sam had captured a 360-degree panoramic view of the rainforest. Sam pulled out Cecilia’s handheld camera from its backpack, switched on, mounted it high onto its shoulder and went exploring this “island”.

Staring with extreme enthusiasm at a singular large, smooth oral leave of which drops of rain stood in the centre. Held by the thick waxy surface. Bright lime colour. Depending on the concentrations of solar energy collected via photosynthesis, leaves were either smaller or larger. Vlogging > initiated.

Sam pressed with the tip of its fingertip onto the centre of the leave. A drop came rolling down from it’s drip tip point a small splash landed onto Sam’s palm. This was real, quite like the small plant Sam had found in “Memory Lane”, which was still healthy at Cecilia’s place.

The Amazon rainforest was humid and warm, leaves shined with a lime-tinge saturation from the sunlight. Passing through the leaves it was like a maze of branches and leaves. It could “swallow” you, despite one would call this, breathtaking.


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