Disassembling the fuel cell – Pt. 2

“샘의 배터리 팩 충전 해야합니다.”
– Sam’s battery pack needs recharging.

“흠…” Cecilia wandered with surprise.
– Hmmm…

Cecilia watched as Sam pulled or actually “wobbled” out a black battery pack from the back-left side of its back. And handed it to Cecilia. The size of a 3rd generation iPod Nano. And it was wireless and rechargeable. It was almost drained. A second was resting back-right and now was initiated. A pair of battery packs for kidneys it occurred to Cecilia. It seemed Sam’s internal components were flexible to position or even wobble out. She studied the pack whilst flipping her hands, front and back. Sam let Cecilia hold onto the battery pack until it were fully charged to store again.

“그래서, 우리는 회로도 있다. 샘의 연료 전지?”
– So, we have the schematics. Sam’s fuel cell?

“그것은 계획 이다.”
– That’s the plan.


Disassembling the fuel cell – Pt. 1

Sam drew something out from its backpack, an object. To her surprise, Cecilia had never seen it before. Sam sat with Cecilia with the object held in it’s palm, damaged and burnt black metal. It was a drained out fuel cell Sam had disposed of. The first, fuel cell Sam had later retrieved back from the Amazon lake.

Observing and examining its schematic engineering via an upgrade, an ability to see through objects. Dubbed as, “Sam Eye”. Sam was capable of seeing through constructive layers of an object.

Cecilia glared with such intrigue. She hadn’t seen it before, not known what it was capable of. She only knew this much, it seemed like a fuel cell, the kind seen equipped in a T-850. The miniature hydrogen cell blow up into a mushroom cloud. Sam wandered what would be the most appropriate way of disassembling the fuel cell, only to be interrupted by Cecilia’s eccentric way of doing it for it. By hurling the fuel cell out of the window, and then both herself and Sam staring at it. It landed flat in a pothole, half covered from the small reflecting puddle.

– Watch!

Within a few seconds, a speeding vehicle ran over it. Sam t-jumped out into the centre of the road where the fuel cell had landed, that was almost crushed. It’s ball head reflecting on the surface of the rippling puddle. That was probably enough impact required. Glad it didn’t go off into a miniature nuclear bomb with a mushroom cloud after effect.

Sam retrieved it with a t-jump back into Cecilia’s place. Now that the fuel cell had been disassembled, Sam didn’t want to re-assemble it. But to replicate a new version of the prototype from this design.


Written by Ay

There it is
the desire of flesh and blood
of a little mirror
I am surprised by
and delighted to look into
This is the puzzle I want
the research of years
studying the shape of eyes
length of cheek bone
gait, tone, color—
colors running everywhere
chasing through green grass
returning to white sheets
sharing blue behind clouds
red specks of words
growing conversations

There is the primal desire
all possibility
all improbability
more faint than future choices
less likely than imagination
But there you reside, this moment,
in the me of dust
the only place
you breathe.

Babylon: Surreal Babies published by Dewi Lewis

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Start Writing


carpe diem seize the day

Start Writing

In 2011 I decide to start writing my own book, I didn’t really have any big plans for it, I just thought about it one day and started writing.

I was on holiday with my mum when I started it, I remember the moment well.  I couldn’t really sleep that night, so I just got my computer out and started typing, started writing.  I actually only wrote 6 pages in total, so the book has a long long way to go, however I came across these initial writings last night and so I would like to share them with you.

It’s Nice to Share

I will share the writings over the new few blog posts, I think it’s nice to share and maybe it will inspire you to start writing your own book…..just maybe.

So here goes…..enjoy!!

Chapter Title:  Carpe Diem

Seize the Day

“If you get caught…

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Sam’s vlogging experience

Cecilia sat checking through her Mail on her 13-inch MacBook Pro w/Retina display.

Chewing on a bar of orange Kit Kat. She came across a vlog from Sam, edited 1080p footage of Sam in the Amazon rainforest. Both Sam sight and shoulder recordings. When she read that there were wirelessly beamed captures sent to her also, she quickly tapped to minimize the Mail app and tapped on iPhoto > iPhoto streams. Sam’s captures were available.

She tapped back to Mail and began downloading the clips. Sam had informed that the full footage would be available to her once it was back. Clip > downloaded, tapped to view it.

The view-Sam’s first-person view, was facing directly towards the sky, leaves almost covered the view. And gently Sam came into a seating position, then followed the head rotation. Going by the fisheye wide-shot this was a 360-degree panoramic view capture. Fingers spaced out took cover from the glare of sun rays passing through the jungle. Sam approached a large lime oral leave, and observed it with such keen interest.

Cecilia found this genuinely warm. Or when Sam sent a confused red-bellied piranha away, that left her astonished with what Sam was truly capable of. How Sam perceived life far differently than that of a person, she thought. Poison dart frogs displaying aposematism. Vampire bats rushing to Sam’s Echolocation. Sam even held a frog that was creating trilling sounds. Sam had even recorded the types of vision it projected, the sonic hiccup-ripples and the greyscale-orange vision.

And in the end, Sam’s vision-was rushing through the forest branches and trees in the dark hours of the jungle with an eye for a flashlight. Light shining as bright as the sun as it projected over bright lime leaves. It was like a chase scene from #TheBlairWitchProject.

Frenzy, shaky handheld documentary-style recording. It would be motion sickness for some. Just before the vlog came to an end a voice called out after a black screen, “There’s magic out there.” It was Bruce Greenwood’s famed explorer and TV personality, Dr. Emmet Cole. #TheRiver TV Show. It made her chuckle with joy. Cecilia had felt that Sam probably expressed that there was some kind of “magic” in nature.

She tweeted away,
@Sam’sDreaming 아마존 여행 장면을 보았다. #이것은굉장
– Saw your Amazon trip footage. #ThisIsAwesome.

Pop came the t-jump!

Confused Pygocentrus nattereri

Sam’s neck-cord began to elongate and arch into a curve, it’s head gently dove into the transparent water. Only for a moment, and then Sam drew its head back out. Streams of water trickled down its head and eyes, twisting and distorting its vision until it cleared away.

Sam suddenly came across Pygocentrus nattereri, a red-bellied piranha-native South American species. Fully grown about 13 inch, 7.7 lbs with a reddish tinge to the belly. Ferocious predators these were. Made famous by Joe Dante’s 1978 film, Piranha. Sam has even managed to zoom into its cellular structure and seen living cells being active.

Sam allowed a sound to pass through its loudspeaker whilst video logging. Mimicking a muffled-like barking sound sent the piranha frenzied with panic. It shook its head sideways for a better view. Even glared at Sam. Seeing that there was no other piranha present beside itself, it sailed away, confused.

“Poderia ter ficado para ouvir os sons de 2 e 3.” Sam joked.
– Could have stayed to hear sounds 2 and 3.

Sam stood still tweeting away on the iPad, split-keyboard fast typing. Sam was pretty fast using its thumbs. It had obtained wireless satellite signal. Sam had created a hotspot from itself and the antenna was still fully functional. Sam could hearing birds calling out, whistling. There was also sounds like a mechanical click here and there. What was video-logging like? It was like shooting a found-footage documentary, think Cloverfield.

Out of the ordinary came a trilling sound. Such a loud sound for a croak. Sam stopped tying. And gently steered it’s head towards the direction at which the sound was coming. Then rose from the ground and made its way towards it. It had initiated an ability that allowed Sam to see bouncing sonic waves that traveled in a pull and expel kind of motion. Like a hiccup, but with ripples.

Sam followed this motion and continued past the trees until it came across the trill-causing creature. Partially camouflaged as it stood still on a large broken tree log. Dendrobates auratus, a poison dart frog with pale yellow and dappled black colouration.

Sam positioned it’s palm at the edge of the log, and came the jump. The frog landed onto it. Sam stared at it for quite some time, zooming through its skin specifically its heart, and saw beating with rhythm. Sonic waves were bouncing back and forth. Sam then lowered it’s chin touching against its chest, it’s eyes saw through its chest. The heart-storage blocks, stacks of black flash storage. Fully functional storage system but inert of any physical heart-pumping vibrations.

Sam positioned it’s palm against the tree log and then let the frog jump back onto it. Sam made it’s way around the jungle. Even managed to record and capture stills of lipophilic alkaloid secreting, from other poison dart frogs. Their ability to display aposematism-warning skin colouration.

Sam across a narrow but very dark cave, making its way through past the large leaves that leaned forward. It was a small resting den, empty at first until Sam activated a distinct type of sight, everything went grayscale. A glance to the top, shimmering orange objects gave way. Sam had found a cluster of Vampire bats resting within the black cave. Sam projected mimicking chirping, screeching bat sounds, that travelled like a hiccup-rippling waves. Suddenly the bats were awoken to Sam’s Echolocation. Just as they came screeching and rushing towards Sam, came the t-jump.

“Onde está o Electrophorus electricus?”
– Where’s Electrophorus electricus?

Sam stood near a lake, the night in the Amazon rainforest had grown darker. A cluster of orange florescent dragonflies floated brightly around Sam.

Why wouldn’t they, Sam’s head was shimmering with orange fluorescent too, like a light bulb. Sam stared at its image reflecting in the lake, with such intrigue. It seemed profound. With a gentle tap of a fingertip sent soft waves of ripple.