Sam’s vlogging experience

Cecilia sat checking through her Mail on her 13-inch MacBook Pro w/Retina display.

Chewing on a bar of orange Kit Kat. She came across a vlog from Sam, edited 1080p footage of Sam in the Amazon rainforest. Both Sam sight and shoulder recordings. When she read that there were wirelessly beamed captures sent to her also, she quickly tapped to minimize the Mail app and tapped on iPhoto > iPhoto streams. Sam’s captures were available.

She tapped back to Mail and began downloading the clips. Sam had informed that the full footage would be available to her once it was back. Clip > downloaded, tapped to view it.

The view-Sam’s first-person view, was facing directly towards the sky, leaves almost covered the view. And gently Sam came into a seating position, then followed the head rotation. Going by the fisheye wide-shot this was a 360-degree panoramic view capture. Fingers spaced out took cover from the glare of sun rays passing through the jungle. Sam approached a large lime oral leave, and observed it with such keen interest.

Cecilia found this genuinely warm. Or when Sam sent a confused red-bellied piranha away, that left her astonished with what Sam was truly capable of. How Sam perceived life far differently than that of a person, she thought. Poison dart frogs displaying aposematism. Vampire bats rushing to Sam’s Echolocation. Sam even held a frog that was creating trilling sounds. Sam had even recorded the types of vision it projected, the sonic hiccup-ripples and the greyscale-orange vision.

And in the end, Sam’s vision-was rushing through the forest branches and trees in the dark hours of the jungle with an eye for a flashlight. Light shining as bright as the sun as it projected over bright lime leaves. It was like a chase scene from #TheBlairWitchProject.

Frenzy, shaky handheld documentary-style recording. It would be motion sickness for some. Just before the vlog came to an end a voice called out after a black screen, “There’s magic out there.” It was Bruce Greenwood’s famed explorer and TV personality, Dr. Emmet Cole. #TheRiver TV Show. It made her chuckle with joy. Cecilia had felt that Sam probably expressed that there was some kind of “magic” in nature.

She tweeted away,
@Sam’sDreaming 아마존 여행 장면을 보았다. #이것은굉장
– Saw your Amazon trip footage. #ThisIsAwesome.

Pop came the t-jump!


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