Disassembling the fuel cell – Pt. 2

“샘의 배터리 팩 충전 해야합니다.”
– Sam’s battery pack needs recharging.

“흠…” Cecilia wandered with surprise.
– Hmmm…

Cecilia watched as Sam pulled or actually “wobbled” out a black battery pack from the back-left side of its back. And handed it to Cecilia. The size of a 3rd generation iPod Nano. And it was wireless and rechargeable. It was almost drained. A second was resting back-right and now was initiated. A pair of battery packs for kidneys it occurred to Cecilia. It seemed Sam’s internal components were flexible to position or even wobble out. She studied the pack whilst flipping her hands, front and back. Sam let Cecilia hold onto the battery pack until it were fully charged to store again.

“그래서, 우리는 회로도 있다. 샘의 연료 전지?”
– So, we have the schematics. Sam’s fuel cell?

“그것은 계획 이다.”
– That’s the plan.


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