Written by Ay

Day 15 Prompt: adjective as title


It could never be pink
it could never dilute so far
or purple, so completely
out of the question
Not maroon, or wine
or a fuchsia shade of burgundy

It must be Red.
True, vibrant, Red
Nothing added
or taken away
Red in its purest
and only form.

That, is what I wait for,
and Red
is what it must be.

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The Science of Grace

Written by Ay

Day 16 Prompt: Science Poem

“The Science of Grace”

There is a science to grace
that blows in a steady wind
that begins each step
more than art in its
graceless hunger

There is the question
the observation
step by step
these moments
each analyzed
by work
noticed like the seconds
of your inhale

The answer is in
the research
the logic
in the analysis
The process is only
the motion
And grace,
is all that’s left.

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Written by Ay

Day 18 Prompt: pick 2 vowels and write a poem using words that only contain one or both of those vowels


The earth hears
ages pass,
and ages fall
Ahead we hear
the earth lament
and cry
and shake away
the hate
All we need-
All we have-
And all the earth
has ever been
end by what
we are.

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Rejected in a Flash

Dionne Lister - Author

We writers are a sensitive bunch; okay, what I’m really saying is I’m sensitive. I work hard at writing the best prose I can. It’s an obsession and a passion, and there’s nothing I love more, outside the actual the process of writing, than when a reader tells me they’ve connected with my story — whether they were entertained or moved — that’s my goal. But even so, validation from readers in the industry is something that writers seek—it gives us credibility and helps us believe in ourselves. To this end, I’ve entered a few competitions and generally never gotten anywhere.

Recently, I entered two flash fictions in competitions, and my stories failed to even make the long lists. It leaves me wondering what I’m doing wrong. Why aren’t the judges connecting with my stories? What the hell am I doing thinking I can write? There’s lots of writers much better than…

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Tulips and Hail

Wonderfully written by a beautiful friend. : )

Written by Ay

Day 11 Prompt: Pick a season

Spring happened
too fast
thawed too slowly
The grey winds
pushed too rough
tulips in pinks, yellows,
blew away with histories
The grass greened
not soon enough
too short, still, to hide
the holes in our plans
And the warmth
didn’t last long
in the rain
The rain made hail
and the sun gave up
on our future.

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Written by Ay

Day 9 Prompt: Work

Insert force
to reaction
to default
movement in stillness
new interaction
muscles, neurons
machine, idea
line or definition
of work.

*Just a note: I’ve been volunteering my time to different things instead of writing poems this month, so the catch up will likely be stop-go and all at once. Bear with me! and enjoy. 🙂

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How to Breathe

Written by Ay

Day 10 Prompt: How ______
Start with stillness
or uncover it
or start where
you areThen let the
air come into you
in a rush
or take your time
to fill

Allow the stillness
to be
who you are

Feel release
akin to wind
as it leaves
feel where
it touches

And the air
another time
coaxing, releasing,

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Dreams and The Law of Attraction


Dreams and The Law of Attraction

A poem about dreams and the power of The Law of Attraction.  Just for you and your dreams.

dream big the law of attraction

It’s Called The Law of Attraction

I had a dream,
It lit up my heart.
I could feel its energy,
Right from the start.

The dream was big,
and gloriously bright.
It shone over mountains,
Dancing like a kite.

It captivated my soul,
Kept my spirits high.
This dream, what a dream,
In this dream, I could fly.

And then one day,
It knocked on my door.
“I am your dream,
come with me and soar.”

I was so excited,
my heart skipped a bit.
This dream wanted me,
I went, fast on my feet.

When I asked for my dream,
I held it tightly in my mind.
A vision so strong,
One of a kind.

I was grateful for it coming,
I knew it was…

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Tweet Cecilia

Tweets… @무라카미 세실리아
– @Murakami_Cecilia

“In Space. On the Moon. NASA’s ISS. Mars Rover. #Curiosity. #AwesomeStuff. Beaming snaps…

Up for Milky Way?”

. . .

I would like to thank each and every reader for taking the time to read and enjoy, in however you could express your love for the series. The second season series in the TSpE was greatly appreciated. Thank you for making this happen. I’m humbled by all the praise, and especially, Sam being accepted. And now the question is, what’s next?

I couldn’t promise what was to come for Sam, but that, my next new idea shall be published to all my social networks as #Cocoon. 

A short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY set to release in August. It’s a space narrative that looks at human interaction, lingering loneliness, music & film culture, and the digital age of social media through conversations with an alien life form in space. References include soundtracks from Coldplay’s GHOST STORIES. It has already been read and greatly praised for its narrative. 

I hope you look forward to my new highly imaginative short fiction.