Sam in space – Pt. 1, UPDATE

After hovered over and observed the International Space Station (ISS) with curious scrutiny, in stealth optics.

The cupola, seven-windowed node installed in 2010 provided a spectacular view. Sam even captured an image from lower Earth obit, with no camera-flashing. Currently NASA’s six astronauts had been snapping images of President Barack Obama’s second inauguration 2013. Had Sam t-jumped in December 12, it would have captured a composite image of glow expressed Earth’s electric night activity- considered the “black marble”. Captured by NASA’s new Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership Satellite (Suomi NPPS). That would have been quite, extraordinary.

A single dilating eye scanned its location through a fisheye wide-shot, capturing along a 360-degree panoramic view. Only that the capture was happening with its head circling slowly, upside down. Afloat in infinite dark space. It’s outer self moulded to mimic an astronaut suit. Sam’s head was visible through the glass-dome visor. The thought of Woody’s friend space ranger, Buzz Lightyear struck Sam.

“To infinity… And beyond!”

Sam’s next pop was here, coordinates: 4.5895° S, 137.4417° E. “Yellowknife” Quad 51 of Aeolis Palus. Right dilate-zoom, left camera-flash. There it was, the wheel scuff imprint on the “ground” that had sent a wind-forming ripple as it pressed into the ground. Sam had t-jumped on the Red Planet, Mars in search of NASA’s robotic Mars Rover, Curiosity. Sam placed its palm into an imprint, gently pushed into the reddish material-iron(111) oxide. It’s pupils slowly dilated with intrigue. That scuff was large.

“Guess Cohaagen’s Mars colony hasn’t happened yet. LOL. ”
Sam joked.

Time to search for Curiosity. After a few pop t-jumps in stealth mode, there is was the Gale Crater explorer was capturing Martian rocks. Specifically, “Sayunei”, through illuminated white-light (Light emitting diodes). Sam was also projecting LED. Curiosity was in search of fluorescent minerals and possible microbial life favourable environmental conditions.

. . .

This piece is #trending on ReadWave! And has been receiving great praise on Storehouse for iPhone/iPad (crossed 200 views in 4 days!), & WordPress. 

Deeply humbled. Many thanks to all readers.


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