Sam in space – Pt. 2

Holographic M&Ms were floating everywhere like tiny stars, Sam could create outlines of constellations from the floating M&Ms. The Samternates were here too, 3 to be exact. Patapon drum rhythms were floating away, along with the detached face pieces of a Rubik cube that slowly began to form into one. The cathode ray tube TV head projected soundless Apollo space footage, 8 & 11 specifically. And images of Neil Armstrong on the Moon.

Sam was now on the Moon, a natural satellite of the earth. The surface of which was filled with dark volcanic maria between the bright ancient crustal highlands and the prominent impact craters. Sam watched as a soundtrack from M83’s HurryUpWe’reDreaming flowed through its earbuds. When Will You Come Home? Pure Synthpop dream ambience. It seemed perfect here too.

All this space journey, at the cost of a energy fuel cell. Sam knew or calculated that there would be enough fuel cell left to arrive back onto earth. But before Sam would t-jump back, Sam had one more event to experience. To capture into it’s heart storage-blocks. ESO’s 9-gigapixel Milky Way capture via VISTA telescope was awesome, Sam thought. But then there was also the record-breaking 360-degree panoramic view of London, created by 320-gigapixel.

. . .

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