Tweet Cecilia

Tweets… @무라카미 세실리아
– @Murakami_Cecilia

“In Space. On the Moon. NASA’s ISS. Mars Rover. #Curiosity. #AwesomeStuff. Beaming snaps…

Up for Milky Way?”

. . .

I would like to thank each and every reader for taking the time to read and enjoy, in however you could express your love for the series. The second season series in the TSpE was greatly appreciated. Thank you for making this happen. I’m humbled by all the praise, and especially, Sam being accepted. And now the question is, what’s next?

I couldn’t promise what was to come for Sam, but that, my next new idea shall be published to all my social networks as #Cocoon. 

A short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY set to release in August. It’s a space narrative that looks at human interaction, lingering loneliness, music & film culture, and the digital age of social media through conversations with an alien life form in space. References include soundtracks from Coldplay’s GHOST STORIES. It has already been read and greatly praised for its narrative. 

I hope you look forward to my new highly imaginative short fiction. 


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